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All of Maymay Entrata's Fabulous Looks in the "Amakabogera" Music Video

We even got to chat with the designers behind her outfits!
If you need a pick-me-up after a stressful week, worry no more. Actress and singer Maymay Entrata's newest song, Amakabogera, might just give you the instant confidence boost that you need. As of writing, the music video has already garnered over 4.5 million views on

13 Music Video Moments That Featured Our Favorite Models

These models can act, dance, and wait for it… sing!
Remember that time Sean O’Pry made it so big he even bagged a campaign deal with Penshoppe and flew all the way here to meet and greet his fans? You can’t deny that was 90% because of his appearance in Taylor Swift’s Blank

Solenn Was A "diva," And Other Celebrity Music Videos You Need To See

These local celebs know how to act, dance, and apparently—sing!
Talk about triple threat! If you want to stay relevant in show business, being a one-trick pony is no longer an option. Here, check out these music videos starring your favorite actresses who are now officially, well, what do you call that

Ariana Grande Lets Her Hair Down For Her New Music Video

Arianna Grande Lets Her Hair Down For her New Music Video
Ariana Grande is sporting a whole new look and we’re actually sort of digging it. Just less than 24 hours ago, Ariana finally dropped her “Love Me Harder” music video along with The Weeknd. And for the first time, we actually see

9 Fashion Moments In Music Videos You Might Have Missed

It wasn't just video that killed the radio star but the spiked stilettos that came with it.
Some 30 years ago, MTV invaded the boob tube and killed the radio star by redefining the way most of us listen to music today. In December of last year, Beyoncé dropped her fifth studio album which was described as a “visual