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13 Stylish Moms to Follow For Comfy-Chic Outfit Pegs

Stay stylish, even while chasing toddlers!
Motherhood is no excuse to start slacking in the style department—in fact, it's a wider avenue to experiment! After all, any mom knows far too well the challenges of staying comfy and chic at the same time. In case you haven't quite

How to Wear Your Mom's Closet Staples

Time to raid your mom's wardrobe.
Moms have taught us everything we know, which actually makes them our first style icons. And for that alone, we always tend to sneak a peek into their wardrobe and steal borrow their clothes! We're all guilty of this. So with that

I’m a Mom and I Can Wear a Cropped Top If I Want To

Feeling confident in your clothes is not a limited-time offer.
I found myself explaining to a middle-aged woman I happened to be waiting in line with at the pediatric clinic why I was wearing a cropped top. “You’re a mother already," she said to me in the serene tone of motherly wisdom,

How Much is a Mother Really Worth?

Show Ma the money!
What’s the hardest job you can think of? Nuclear safety inspector? That’s got to be pretty tough. How about chief financial officer for a multinational company? Imagine the work hours on that. What about being the PR manager of a senator-comedian this

7 Beauty Treatments That Are Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Make her feel like a million bucks!
Some of us may already have Mother's Day traditions, but there's always a way to step up your game every year. You can always save shopping sprees and mother-daughter brunches for later. This year, think of a gift that'll pamper your mom

15 Timeless Watches Your Mom Is Going to Love

She'll be delighted.
She's given you her time (understatement!), and now you better be ready to give her all of yours—both literally and figuratively. Below, we give you 15 stunning wristwatches your beloved mom is going to shed a tear over; it's the thought that

15 Dazzling Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Because all moms are gems!
Moms are fairly easy to gift. Anything we give them, be it a card, a bouquet of flowers, or something for everyday use, they will truly treasure. But why not surprise your mom and give her something that she will cherish forever

10 Beauty Treats to Pamper Your Mom With

Make her feel extra special.
Being a mother is not your average nine-to-five job. They're on-call 24/7, with no vacation or sick leaves. That said, whenever Mother's Day hits, you should make it your official task to pamper the most important woman in your life. Material things

Why Being a Single Mom Should Never Be a Laughing Matter

Pardon us, Sen. Tito Sotto, but we totally missed your punch line.
It might have been an homage to the uncouth past. Or maybe, it was a failed attempt at cleverness from a source painfully empty of wit.Regardless, I refuse to accept that the reason I take offense is because I am overly sensitive,

15 Pairs of Shoes That Your Fashionable Mom Will Love

Don't know what to give your mom this Mother's Day? Put yourself in her shoe!
Perhaps the hardest job in the world is being a mom; it's a task that goes on day in and day out. And although we may not be able to put ourselves in their shoes (until we become moms ourselves, that is),