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10 Celebrity Maternity Photoshoots That Made Our Jaws Drop

Motherhood certainly makes people glow!
There's a sound reason why bearing a child is regarded as the "miracle of life." The very fact that a woman can allow a human being to develop and grow inside of them is nothing short of an admirable feat.For some celebrities

These Celebs Recreated Their Mom's Stylish OOTDs for Mother's Day

They went on to Instagram to celebrate their very first style icons: their moms.
In honour of this year’s Mother’s Day, Preview launched the #StyledLikeMyMama campaign to inspire everyone to pay homage to our first style icons: our mothers. We invited some of our favorite celebrities and influencers to recreate their mom’s OOTDs and post it

10 Best Dressed Celebrity Moms Who Will Inspire You to Dress Up

These stylish moms will encourage you to stay true to your aesthetic, and to be confident in flaunting it!
Moms are often our very first style inspiration—they're the very icons we look up to when it comes to OOTDs. So, in honor of this year's Mother's Day, we're rounding up the 10 best dressed celebrity moms who will inspire you to

11 Local Shops Where You Can Order Delicious Cakes for Mother's Day

Show your appreciation in the sweetest way possible.
There are a couple of ways to express to Mom just how much you treasure her this coming Mother's Day. It doesn't necessarily have to involve material objects—but boy, does showing your appreciation become all the more sweet when it involves cake!

50 Fashionable Moms Who Will Inspire You to Dress Better

Hit that follow button, stat!
In every aspect of our lives, we've come to believe that mothers know best. This is especially true even in the world of fashion. Below, we round up 50 of the most stylish moms we know whose wisdom in the style department

5 Pairs of Stylish Moms and Kids We Love

Looking chic runs in the fam.
Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate (and to help you snag some mom-and-me fashion inspo while you're at it), we give you five stylish pairs we always have an eye on. After all, looking chic is hereditary...and you're never too old to play

No Filter Since 1969: How We're Won Over by the Irrepressible Gloria Diaz

We turned to the former Miss Universe for motherly advice. We got that and more.
“Well, that’s my daughter who put that! I’m wondering nga how she put that eh.”Legendary beauty queen, respected performer, and two-year-old Instagram user Gloria Diaz shakes her head in disbelief at how her eldest daughter Belle Daza-Semblat took over her Instagam and typed

15 Chic and Roomy Bags That Your Mom Will Love

Show her how much you care!
If we could give our moms the world, we would—they certainly deserve that much! Mother's Day is coming up quick, so you've got to move just as fast to snap up the best gift ever. Stumped? You're in luck, because we've done

5 Things To Watch Out For This Week

Join us as we go event hopping this week!
We know it’s just Monday but it’s never too early to plan the week ahead, right? And while quiet dinners after a long day’s work might sound like the most exciting thing, well, we’ve got far more thrilling plans to keep our

30 Most Stylish Moms We Love

An ode to Mother's Day, we round up the chicest mothers we can't help but adore.
This is it, the day we celebrate the best women in our lives–our mothers who are selfless, caring, loving, superb, and so much more (we'd run out of adjectives to describe this superwoman). As a way to show our appreciation, we round

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Naturally Radiant Mom

Reveal a brighter complexion after just one wash.
Harnessing the power fruit juice, Juice Beauty serves up an all-natural skincare cocktail that works overtime. It brightens skin, refines pores, reduces lines, and lightens age spots all in just one prettifying bathroom sesh. Phew! The organic concoction owes all that power