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10 Cute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

From moms who need new skincare to crafty moms who love creating art.
PSA: Mother's Day is in less than two weeks! Remember how stressful it was last time you bought a last-minute gift for your mom? Yup, that's exactly why we suggest getting ahead of the pack and buying a present early. After all,

I Let My Mom Style Me for a Week and Here's How It Went

Spoiler: She basically dressed me like her mini-me.
I'm my mother's daughter. Style-wise, there are a ton of habits I inherited from her—count collecting handbags, piling on dainty gold jewelry, hoarding high heels, and a love for ladylike silhouettes among many. Where we differ is a whole other story: She's

I’m a Mom and I Can Wear a Cropped Top If I Want To

Feeling confident in your clothes is not a limited-time offer.
I found myself explaining to a middle-aged woman I happened to be waiting in line with at the pediatric clinic why I was wearing a cropped top. “You’re a mother already," she said to me in the serene tone of motherly wisdom,

How Much is a Mother Really Worth?

Show Ma the money!
What’s the hardest job you can think of? Nuclear safety inspector? That’s got to be pretty tough. How about chief financial officer for a multinational company? Imagine the work hours on that. What about being the PR manager of a senator-comedian this

30 Most Stylish Moms We Love

An ode to Mother's Day, we round up the chicest mothers we can't help but adore.
This is it, the day we celebrate the best women in our lives–our mothers who are selfless, caring, loving, superb, and so much more (we'd run out of adjectives to describe this superwoman). As a way to show our appreciation, we round