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10 Tiny Stud Earrings That You Can Mix and Match

Pile 'em on!
More often that not, studs are a girl’s introduction to the world of accessorizing. Long before candy-colored bracelets and beaded necklaces, you probably had your first pair of earrings on without even knowing. As we move on to eye-catching hoops and huge

10 Styling Tricks to Master If You're Scared of Mixing and Matching Prints

Intimidated by prints? They're actually easier to wear than you think!
I have a confession to make: I used to dislike prints. Back in college, I preferred plain shirts and never would have considered printed trousers. I deemed the color story, silhouette, and fabrication more important than prints and patterns. I was wary

On Rotation: An Easy Guide To Mixing And Matching

Learn to create five chic outfits from just 11 fashion pieces!
Dressing up with a limited number of pieces for either work or our social activities can be a bit tricky, frustrating, and tough! We all have those “What do I wear now?” moments once in a while and so, to remedy that,