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Here's a List of Free Mini Concerts You Can Watch Online

What a treat!
In a generous effort to engage the millions currently on lockdown, both local and international musicians have logged on to online platforms to share their music, from the confines of their respective homes. Needless to say, a host of concerts and highly-anticipated

Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Watch "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too"

Is Miley Cyrus' Black Mirror episode worth streaming?
Most probably inspired by Gen Z’s social media-powered fan culture and obsession with pop stars and boybands, Black Mirror’s Season 5 episode titled Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too explores the dark side of musical stardom and the reality behind a celebrity’s bubblegum imagery.

Marc Jacobs Is Launching an Affordable New Clothing Line

Could it be Marc by Marc Jacobs 2.0?
Here are news bits that are making headlines in the international fashion scene.Right before its Metiers D'Arts show, Parisian luxury label Chanel announced that it will no longer use fur and exotic skin in their products. Chanel explained that the company's move

5 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Pampered Pets

Their wardrobes are purrrfect!
It’s typical for celebrities to have their own pets. After all, they’re also human. But then again, they’re well-known personalities, so it’s no surprise that these A-lister owners spoil their baby animals to the point where they also shop clothes and accessories

Miley Cyrus Is Reportedly Moving Back in with Liam Hemsworth

She also posted a photo with what looks like an engagement ring.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s rekindled relationship sure is moving fast!Following the engagement rumors after the Wrecking Ball singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a diamond sparkler on her wedding finger (and it’s uncannily identical to the first engagement

11 of The Best Short Haircuts of All Time

From the short and sweet to the cool and edgy.
Nothing feels more feminine than having a head full of long lush locks that cascade down past your shoulders. (I mean, just look at the Victoria’s Secret runway and beauty pageants. Bombshell waves, anyone?) But every now and then, when a lady

20 International Celebs and Their Tattoos

Planning on getting inked?
Much like changing your relationship status on Facebook, getting inked requires a serious commitment. Now if you think you’re ready to take that plunge, there’s nothing wrong with taking cues from the stars who know a thing or two about having a

A Bruised and Battered Kim Kardashian Appears in a Viral Campaign

"No woman is immune from domestic abuse."
As means to draw attention to some of the world's most pressing issues, artist and activist Alexsandro Palombo is best known for using pop culture icons in his very graphic campaigns. For his most recent series, he alters photos of Kim Kardashian,

Miley Cyrus Poses Naked for CANDY Magazine

Nope, it's not the same Candy Magazine you're thinking.
First off, allow us to clarify that this is NOT the same Candy Magazine we all grew up with. And be warned: NSFW!Photographed by Terry Richardson, Miley Cyrus returns to the world of glossies with her latest magazine covers—9, to be exact—that only gets raunchier

12 Celebs Who Represent Our #BrowGoals

Anne Curtis, Lily Collins, and Miley Cyrus stay with us through thick and thin.
Every beauty gal knows that having a thick, full set of brows is the easiest trick in the book to looking young. They can switch up your look depending on the shape and color. That said, we list down 12 of our ultimate

10 Celebs and the Causes They Support

They’re more than just pretty faces.
There’s nothing more beautiful than a fair lady backed up with a kind heart. Isn’t that what makes Disney princesses–or any leading lady role, for that matter—so likeable? When you have the resources to do so, you speak up, you raise awareness,

These Celebrities' Selfies Made it to the Cover of This Magazine

Selfies are now acceptable magazine covers.
"But first, let me take a selfie."This line kept playing in my head as I browsed through all eight covers of Interview's #ME issue. While other glossies boasted of covers photographed by the Demarcheliers and Meisels of the world, the American magazine

Miley Cyrus Had 11 Outfit Changes at the 2015 VMAs

See her in Technicolor.
When it’s your turn in the spotlight, you take it and go all out—that’s what Miley Cyrus, host of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, showed us yesterday. A lot of controversial events happened (a norm when it comes to the VMAs.)

15 Most Followed Female Celebs on IG

By Instagram standards, these stars are multimillionaires.
Scoring new followers on Instagram may prove to be challenging for us mere mortals, but these stars make the capital letter “K” look like nothing but child’s play. In fact, the hundreds of thousands of likes on their selfies and OOTDs are

Hot Girls Eating Pizza

It's a pepperoni party!
This might just be the cheesiest product of a breakup.Instagram account @h0tgirlseatingpizza was the product of Brooklynite Marta Freedman’s breakup with her beau. “I started taking selfies of me eating pizza,” she tells radio news channel KRMG. Soon others followed and eventually led her

6 Celebs Who Keep it Real on Instagram

Gretchen Barretto, Andi Eigenmann and more give new meaning to #NoFilter.
Sometimes, it’s not about the most curated grids, the most art-directed top shots, or the best use of filters. While all those factors guarantee a double tap on Instagram, nothing beats organic content with a human touch. Here we round up six

Miley To Host the MTV Video Music Awards

She's the first to host the show after two years of it being emcee-free.
Miley Cyrus makes a VMA comeback, not with an expected controversial number (she was allegedly banned from performing) but with her hosting prowess.The twerking singer surprised everyone through an Instagram post of herself wearing sandwich boards that read “MTV won’t let me perform”

Is Miley Dating a Victoria's Secret Angel?

We heard she is.
Just days after Miley Cyrus admitted her bisexuality to Paper Magazine she’s been spotted keeping it close and cozy with Victoria Secret angel, Stella Maxwell. The Irish super model is the daughter of a Northern Ireland diplomat and has been caught posting a handful of