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OMG! This McDonald's BTS Meal Chicken McNugget Costs P1.5 Million

Care to bid?
McDonald's BTS Meal has just come out and the collaboration—which consists of 10-piece nuggets, medium fries, Coke, and two packets of sauce—is already reselling on eBay. From the unopened full meal down to receipts, the food collab starts at $0.99 (approximately P47) and goes up to $30,000 (approximately

These Fast Food Joints Now Have Plant-Based Burgers on the Menu

Calling all veggie lovers!
If we learned anything this year, it's to expect the unexpected. And in true 2020 fashion, we're being bestowed burgers that aren't made from meat. Sounds impossible? Not quite! In fact, a new, delicious plant-based fad is emerging! Fast food joints are

We're Not Kidding: These Twins Are Named "Jollibee" and "McDonald"

Apparently, they also have a cousin named Shakey.
What’s in a name? Well, for these siblings, it involves two juggernaut rival fast food chains. Twins Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian (yep, you heard that right) recently went viral after netizens took notice of their distinctively humorous names. “I wouldn't be surprised

McDonald's Is Now Selling Ready-to-Cook Chicken Fillet

They even released easy recipes on how to make it taste even better!
In case you missed it, McDonald's has started selling breaded, ready-to-cook versions of their famous chicken fillet!Now available in select SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches, each pack contains 60 pieces, while those being sold through participating McDonald’s Drive-Thru and Take-Out counters hold

Could This Be the Most Beautiful McDonald's in the Philippines?

It preserves the original glory of the building.
Most of us have a mental image of what a fast food restaurant looks like: hard linoleum tables and even harder chairs, soda-stained floors, bright lights that give you a headache as soon as you finish your value meal. It's always refreshing

McDonald's Breakfast Faves Are Now Available for Delivery All Day!

Pancakes for lunch, anyone?
How are you holding up in light of the ECQ extension? It's been a tough couple of weeks—and you deserve to treat yourself every now and then. Comforting breakfast food might just do the trick! Luckily, McDonald's Philippines has announced that their breakfast selection is

Heads Up: McDonald's Implements No-Touch Delivery

There's minimal physical contact between you and the riders.
Food delivery services have made satiating our hunger more convenient in these trying times. But while staying indoors does wonders in itself to prevent the disease’s spread, an even better way to step up your defense against the virus is to minimize

Love McDonald's Iced Coffee? It's Now Available in Chocolate Flavor!

If you're in need of a chocolate-infused caffeine fix.
McDonald’s just made our iced coffee cravings a whole lot sweeter!Last Friday, the fast food chain just introduced a new Chocolate flavor to their McCafe Iced Coffee series, which currently also includes their Original and Vanilla selections. As per their social media posts,

McDonald's Now Offers Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls

For those who can't drink their milk tea without pearls!
For your milk tea fix on a budget, you can count on McDonald's and their Milk Tea McFloat—which you could get for less than P50! But if you missed the pearls in McDonald's milk tea, you're in luck because the chain just

Here's How Sharon Cuneta Got Ready for That McDonald's Ad

She looked #flawless.
Forgive us for our honesty, but you have to admit—no loveteam matters more on this faithful Friday than the blissful comeback of  Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. Starring in McDonald's Philippines' Valentine's Day ad, the '80s OG loveteam served us a huge helping

The New McDo Girl is Sofia Andres’ BFF

Meet Elisse Joson.
What is it with McDonald’s and their ads that never fail to hit the spot? Often relatable and memorable, it’s just what we’ve grown to expect from McDo’s non-celeb releases. Now growing viral, their most recent ad introduced their all-new Burger McDo

SB Eats: Our Favorite Fried Chicken Joints, Ranked!

We like ‘em crispy and juicy!
A former Style Bible girl once said, “I’m a tasty Chickenjoy.”Truth be told, we here at the SB HQ eat a lot! And sometimes, we just have the most random cravings that range from French fries to beef tapa. Today, our taste

The Banana Craze Continues

A.k.a. why is this a thing.
In case you haven’t noticed, bananas are the new pineapples. From banana parties, banana art, and now a Banana Festival brought about by the yellow banana-loving super-villain sidekicks, the minions, the obsession is taking over us all—kids and adults alike.Yeah, that's right.If