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Here's Proof That Maureen Wroblewitz Can Pull Off Any Runway Look

Whether she's doing punk or boheme, Mau can rock it.
Great models are shape shifters, and it's safe to say that Maureen Wroblewitz is a chameleon. She may be an industry newbie, but she proves that she can rock difficult and crazy runway trends with ease. Watch the video and find out

6 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Maureen Wroblewitz

Watch this and go behind the scenes during her cover shoot with Preview.
Maureen Wroblewitz is as quiet as they come. The Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 winner may be a shy spirit, but did you know that she always wanted to be in front of the camera despite her reserved disposition? In fact,

How to Speak German with Maureen Wroblewitz

It's really not that hard...or is it?
Wie geht es Ihnen? (Nope, this isn't us randomly smashing our keyboard.) We're simply asking "How are you?" in German.This particular European language is often misunderstood. Sometimes, we even mistake the Germans for being angry based on how they sound when they