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This Timeless Collection Will Make You Look Like a European Aristocrat

See her collection here!
Sophisticated and graceful—in the sea of volume and texture at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018, there was something so subtle yet powerful about Marichu Tan’s collection. Featuring elegant silhouettes and champagne hues, models exuded a timeless beauty in pieces reminiscent of

This Collection Is Proof That Grunge Is Both Cool and Contemporary

Check out Renan Pacson's work for Arin!
Featuring blacks, grays, browns, and a mishmash of patterns and textures, Renan Pacson's collection for Arin exuded mystery at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. Sporting '90s inspired makeup and grunge silhouettes, Arin’s pieces take its cues from contemporary and abstract art

This Sporty Menswear Collection Is Inspired by Mathematics

Spy cool backstage snaps from John Magsaysay's first Manila Fashion Festival show!
Notebooks out, 'cause you're about to get an education. John Magsaysay came to conquer on his first day of school—that is, his debut collection at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018—with Sacred Geometry, a calculated yet colorful menswear line inspired by classic

This Local Designer Will Convince You to Wear Prints and Color

View Bamba Limon's entire collection here.
Fashion is not just a feast for the eyes, it's also a tactile craft. Hence, creativity in making clothes also transcends to touch. Bamba Limon expertly demonstrates this in his latest collection. The Davao-based designer took his pastel monochromes and elevated them

Miyama Uno's Latest Collection Uses the Coolest Vintage Magazine Prints

Japanese design meets Filipino craftsmanship.
Karen Abigail Ono, the one-woman force behind label Miyama Uno, is not to be reckoned with. The Japanese designer graduated from the Vantan Fashion Institute in Tokyo and has worked with American brand Ralph  Lauren—and now, the newest notch in her belt is the interesting, textured, ultra-graphic collection she

These Embroidered Pieces Are Meant for the Stylish Working Woman

View Egay Ayag's entire collection here.
Egay Ayag is a champion of femininity. His work is hinged on accentuating a woman's silhouette and her best assets. He further describes his aesthetic as a designer as "a way of expressing an inner truth or belief about an idea, oneself or

Dress Like a Modern Day Samurai with OJ Hofer's Collection

See the collection below!
OJ Hofer took Japanese minimalism to the runway with his calligraphy-inspired looks for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018 . Defined by relaxed silhouettes and muted gray tones, the designer took the sacred Enso symbol of Zen Buddhism to create his pieces.

This Korean Designer Is Bringing Her Sporty Street Style to Manila

View the entire collection here.
Kwak Hyun Joo is an established designer who hails from South Korea. She's a staple at Seoul Fashion Week and has been known for her kitschy streetwear collections made especially for millennials. "I like to take inspiration from the ordinary," the designer

Dodjie Batu's Collection Is a Celebration of Modern Ethnic Wear

View the entire collection here.
Dodjie Batu's greatest strength as a designer is his expertise in making clothes current and trendy, giving them a much-needed update and putting more oomph to your usual pieces. Thus, he is able to create a wearable collection that's stylish and unique

Here's a Modern and Wearable Collection Inspired by Asian Countries

View the entire collection here.
Western influences are always abound, so when a designer creates a collection inspired by various Asian countries, our eyes are peeled! Dexter Alazas’ PMFF 2018 collection is an Asian fusion at its finest, with pieces that are perfect for everyday or special

Kaye Morales Makes a Case for Pop Art-Inspired Streetstyle

View the entire collection here.
When inspiration strikes Kaye Morales, it definitely translates in a sartorially articulate manner that has equal parts ingenious creativity and cohesion. Her collection, entitled Transit, represents her attempt at capturing certain moments of self-evolution—often overlooked moments—that to her, are like bright sparks that

KC Pusing Mixes Utilitarian Streetwear With Tailored Silhouettes

Check out her latest collection, right here.
Tailored, edgy, and with a hint of whimsy, KC Pusing's collection showcased sartorial wonder at the recent Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. Fragments, in a nutshell, mixes utilitarian fashion and silhouettes inspired by Japanese streetwear.Featuring structured pieces with a play on neutral tones,

Reynier Abello Gives Classic Pieces an Edgy Twist

Check out his collection here!
Complex, dramatic, and provocative: These three words describe Reynier Abello’s work as he debuted his collection, Garden of Earthly Delights, at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. Ever the avant garde visionary, Reynier marries social thought and expression with cutting-edge silhouettes.For his

Cheetah Rivera Comes Out with a Bright and Quirky Ready-to-Wear Collection

Playful and dainty!
With her perennially fun and youthful designs, Cheetah Rivera did not disappoint at this season’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The designer showcased yet another collection featuring dainty details that have become her signature—from last season's pops of hues and pleats to this season's

Yong Davalos Gives Beachwear an Edgy Spin

Check out her island-inspired outfits!
Always on the lookout to satisfy her appetite for the great outdoors, Yong Davalos took inspiration from nature for her Season 9 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival collection. The designer mainly played with leopard prints as inspired by the underwater creatures of her

This Dainty Collection Can Easily Be Transitioned from Desk to Dinner

Local designer Bessie Besana's collection mixes the old with the new.
Bessie Besana reminisces yesteryears' fashion in his collection, titled Abaniko, for Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Infusing modern design with timeless silhouettes, the designer's nostalgia is apparent in his clothes, rehashed through intricate laser trimmings and pleated finishing. Despite the vintage theme, Bessie's elegant designs are certainly accessible by all ages. It

All the Stylish Guests We Spotted at Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest Day 1

See Maris Racal, Renee de Guzman, and more!
A melting pot for talented local and international designers of exquisite calibur, the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is always drowning with fashionistas spruced up for the biggest local fashion show in the metro. This season was no different as we spotted the best