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Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Derbys Vs. Stilettos

What do Summit's male editors think of derby shoes as opposed to stilettos? Read on to find out.
We're done with talking about jeans, discussing lip color, and even dishing on footwear. However, we do feel like the shoe game changes drastically when height becomes an added factor. We already know that both men and women find certain sexiness in skinny stilettos that lengthen

Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Mandals Vs. Sandals

Gab Valenciano, Sam YG, Tony Toni, and Slick Rick talk about mandals and sandals. Which makes them cringe? Read to find out.
From clothing to makeup, the list of things that men adore and abhor about a woman’s wardrobe can go on and on. We started the week by talking about jeans before moving on to the beauty department as we discussed lip color.

Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Dark Lips Vs. Neutral Lips

Enrique Gil, Kevin Redder, and Sky Yang loosen their lips on which color looks more kissable.
Yesterday we talked about what guys think of skinnies and boyfriend jeans and saw how boys can have varying opinions on what's repelling and appealing.This time around we're taking things up a notch by getting into the beauty game. Dark lips are

Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Skinny Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans

James Reid, Chino Lui Pio, Champ Lui Pio, and LA Aguinaldo spill the beans on what they like better on girls.
A girl who loves fashion knows very well that she dresses to please no other but herself. But easy as it may seem to brush off side comments, it’s hard not to wonder what male counterparts think of those man-repelling/man-pleasing pieces of