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The Best Colors to Wear to Look Younger, According to Celeb Stylists

You'll look refreshed and youthful by wearing these colors!
Colors play a huge part in dressing up. In fact, it's a factor that can alter someone's vibe and youthful appearance—yes, really! Of course, we don't want to look older than we actually are, whether subconciously or not, so it doesn't hurt

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Be a Celebrity Stylist

Newsflash: It's not as glamorous as you think!
Being a celebrity stylist may have a glamorous ring to it, but in reality, there’s more to the actual job than just mixing and matching clothes. To set the record straight, those clothes don’t just grow on trees! It takes a lot

These 2 Young Stylists Are Starting To Look Like Their Mentor

Call it the Pam Q. effect.
Blunt cuts are a team Pam Q stapleRemember that pivotal scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs realized she was slowly becoming her boss, Miranda Priestly, Editor-in-Chief of the fictional fashion bible Runway? It’s not like Andy actually wanted to become Satan's stylish

Steal Her Style: Judy Ann Santos' Effortless Look

Juday proves that looking stellar doesn't need much effort.
It was a star-studded afternoon at the SM Mega Fashion Hall yesterday to celebrate the opening of Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo’s fifth clinic. In a sea of well-heeled ladies sporting Rockstuds, our eyes zoomed in on Judy Ann Santos who stood out in

6 Forbidden Outfits From Anne Curtis

Team Pam Q gives us a sneak peek of Anne's concert costumes.
A concert is never merely just a concert. Big productions for the biggest of stars require for megawatt outfits that amplify the performance—precisely why it took Pam Quinones and her team a span of four months in preparing Anne Curtis’ outfits for

Celebrity Style: Charlene Gonzales-mulach On The Buzz

Celebrity host dons a new haircut and edgier outfits!
Charlene Gonzales-Mulach's fabulous new hair-do seems to have inspired a change in her recent wardrobe choices for The Buzz. Yes, her penchant for femine and classic cuts are still present but we've been seeing the addition of architectural jackets, metal accents, and