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Fun Prints and Luxe Monochromatic Looks Ruled At PMFF Day 1

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Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest is back with a brand new season! If you're looking for the latest trends to try or simply in need of some fashion inspo, then take a look at all the collections below!Yong Davalos opened the show with

This Collection Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play

Prints, patterns, and everything nice!
Benjie Panizales takes tiny specks and trivial details and turns them into a unifiied print for a slew of garments tailored for strong and empowered ladies. This summer collection features cool patterns and bold prints that translate to "relaxed but polished soft

Check Out This Simple and Elegant Collection Inspired by the Opera

Where theater and fashion meet.
A flurry of silk dresses with predominantly modest jewel necklines defined Ministry of Silk's collection at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. The brand essentially made use of simple, classic silhouettes elevated by their signaure fabric to showcase the elegance of smooth textures and

Dress Like a Modern Day Samurai with OJ Hofer's Collection

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OJ Hofer took Japanese minimalism to the runway with his calligraphy-inspired looks for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018 . Defined by relaxed silhouettes and muted gray tones, the designer took the sacred Enso symbol of Zen Buddhism to create his pieces.

Reynier Abello Gives Classic Pieces an Edgy Twist

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Complex, dramatic, and provocative: These three words describe Reynier Abello’s work as he debuted his collection, Garden of Earthly Delights, at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. Ever the avant garde visionary, Reynier marries social thought and expression with cutting-edge silhouettes.For his

Cheetah Rivera Comes Out with a Bright and Quirky Ready-to-Wear Collection

Playful and dainty!
With her perennially fun and youthful designs, Cheetah Rivera did not disappoint at this season’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The designer showcased yet another collection featuring dainty details that have become her signature—from last season's pops of hues and pleats to this season's

Yong Davalos Gives Beachwear an Edgy Spin

Check out her island-inspired outfits!
Always on the lookout to satisfy her appetite for the great outdoors, Yong Davalos took inspiration from nature for her Season 9 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival collection. The designer mainly played with leopard prints as inspired by the underwater creatures of her

All the Stylish Guests We Spotted at Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest Day 3

Check out the stylish guests at the Manila Fashion Fest Season 9!
A melting pot for talented local and international designers of exquisite calibur, the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is always drowning with fashionistas spruced up for the biggest local fashion show in the metro. This season was no different as we spotted the best dressed

This Dainty Collection Can Easily Be Transitioned from Desk to Dinner

Local designer Bessie Besana's collection mixes the old with the new.
Bessie Besana reminisces yesteryears' fashion in his collection, titled Abaniko, for Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Infusing modern design with timeless silhouettes, the designer's nostalgia is apparent in his clothes, rehashed through intricate laser trimmings and pleated finishing. Despite the vintage theme, Bessie's elegant designs are certainly accessible by all ages. It

Spring Comes Alive in This Local Designer's Floral Collection

Tulle, lace, and blooms are everything you need this spring.
Cebu-based designer Marichu Tan proves that florals are indeed groundbreaking across all seasons. With her fresh-hued, breezy rendition of botanicals, we don't need any more convincing. IMAGE Andrew CoMarichu's floral iterations are met with tulle, bright hues, and lace to give you a

This Outfit Proves Minimalist Fashion Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Simple and chic!
Minimalism as we know is hinged on simplicity—a departure from prints, busy accessories, and frills. But this aesthetic doesn't have to be boring or plain. Case in point: Emi Englis' minimalist fashion isn't a two-dimensional rendition that pales in comparison to elaborate looks.IMAGE

This Designer Will Show You a Modern Way to Wear Local Weaves

It's the modern Filipina's new basic.
Bamba Limon's vision for the modern Filipina is clear. She's not afraid of color—in fact, she bathes in it, turning her wardrobe into a personal statement of strength. "She brings with her an intense passion for the world, deeply rooted from her local

These SoFA Graduates Prove That the Philippine Fashion's Future Is Bright

In our books, they all deserve an A.
“The overall theme of this year’s SoFA Graduation Show is ‘telling your story in the most creative way you can’—from something intangible inside of you and making it to something that is tangible. We want students to get inspiration within,” "explains Gabbie Sarenas,

Here's What Maria Makiling Would Have Worn in 2018

If she lived to tell her tale, this is what she’d wear.
Legend has it that Maria Makiling, goddess of bountiful mountain harvests, fell deeply in love with a mortal hunter only to have her heart broken. In despair, she transformed into a volcano that bore her likeness, never to be seen by townspeople

Here's How You Can Channel Your Inner Summer Girl All Year Long

Neon Island's got your summer wardrobe covered!
Every so often, some collections come out and simply amaze us. They give our wardrobes a breath of fresh air and are little reminders of just how fun fashion is supposed to be. Neon Island did just that when they presented their

See the Stylish Guests We Spotted at Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest Day 3

Katarina Rodriguez, Denise Laurel, and more attendees dressed to the nines!
Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018's third night is proof that fashion is alive and well in the local scene. Scroll down and see how the metro's fashion show goers spruced up in the spirit of everything au courant and en vogue.IMAGE Deneb

Here’s More Proof That You Can Never Go Wrong with Classics

Jinggay Serag's timeless metallics will convince you.
Every cloud has a silver lining, and Jinggay Serag took the adage to heart in her take on metallic dressing. Entitled Speranza (Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope), the collection interspersed streamlined metallic pieces into soft silhouettes in black.The collection's body-hugging

This Collection Will Convince You to Wear Ruffles to Every Occasion

From the office to bed.
Wilbur Lang's girls just want to get some sleep. Clutching thick blankets as if rudely awakened from their slumber, they parade down the runway in heavily ruffled babydoll dresses, each elaborately curled ruffle loaded onto otherwise floaty frocks.A surge of ruffle creates