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Fun Lipstick Names: Rainbow Colors

Just when you thought you've seen them all, we supply you with more.
From Adam Levine’s Heartbreaker pink, Snow White’s red, and the adorable Bare Hug nude, we now bring you every other color there is in the lipstick dictionary, well, the ones with interesting names at least. This list’s range goes from creepy medusa,

Fun Lipstick Names: Earth Tones

These picks will make you wish your lipstick was edible.
We hear you, you want more. After the charming pinks and sizzling reds, what could beauty brands possibly name the earth-tone tints? Well, how about some chocolate, butter, and latte? Sounds good enough to eat(or drink) to us! So if you’re in

Ryza Cenon's Fave Lippies

The young actress shares 5 of her favorite lipsticks for every occasion.
Ryza Cenon has come a long way since winning Starstruck years ago. A certified GMA homegrown artist, we've seen her grow through the years from one TV show to another, and we just can't help but admire her acting chops and all-star

The Top 11 Pink Lipsticks

See which pink bullet earned a spot on our hot list.
We're putting the spotlight on two things today: lips and the color pink. Though many are averse to pink lips, we think it's time for you to grab that lipstick you've been staying away from for years and give it a try.

Camille Co's Lipstick List

Blessed with alabaster skin, all this fashionista needs to glam up is a swipe of lipstick.
It seems like lipstick is the ultimate hero in almost every girl’s beauty arsenal. In the case of blogger, Camille Co, this rings true and we have no objections. Blessed with alabaster skin, all the fashionista really needs to glam up is

#fridayfavorite: Orange Lip Tint Pen

I am entrusting my pout with this tangerine lip tint this weekend.
I'm very much prepping up my gear for this weekend's music festival. I'm almost done packing my clothes, but my makeup kit still needs a lot of editing. But one thing I'll never leave behind is Mizon Lip Tint Pen. Aside from it

Kathryn Bernardo's Fave Lippies

The reigning Teen Queen lets us in on her top lipsticks and why she loves them.
Between late-night tapings and pressing TV appearances, the tube’s primetime princess, Kathryn Bernardo, manages to look fresh and pretty at all times. Though her chosen showbiz career necessitates her to wear makeup day in and day out, it’s her approach to vanity

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Outrageous Shades

Color your world with these kooky lip hues.
So we’ve covered the basic hues like red and nude but if you’re a Level 5 makeup enthusiast, you’ll want to reach for riskier colors (think of an obnoxiously bright fuchsia, a sky blue hue, or a deep purple). Made to make

Celebrity Lipstick Id

We decode the lipstick shade your celebrity idols are wearing.
As you browse your Instagram feed, if you're a makeup junkie like us, often your eyes tend to lock on a particular celeb's #selfie wearing a shade of lipstick that one, you've been dying to have, or two, you just want to

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Nude

Get naked with these stellar nude lippies.
When people think of lipstick, they usually think of a bold red mouth and nothing else. But unbeknownst to others, the much-neglected nude lip is the weapon of many a bombshell. Why, you ask? Think of this: Bridgitte Bardot with her heavily

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Red

We list down the top 10 of the Preview girl's weapon of choice: the red lipstick.
As a special treat for you guys, we’ve unofficially deemed this week as Lipstick Week! Today we’re sticking to the classics, a crash course on the most covetable red lipsticks on the market.  Everyone knows the power of makeup, but the power