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10 Things You Need to Know About "Love All Play" Actress Park Ju Hyun

This fresh face previously won a Baeksang Arts Award for her Netflix drama Extracurricular.
It’s not surprising that after the delicate ending of tVN’s Twenty-Five Twenty-One, we’re looking for a new sports heroine to root for in rising star Park Ju Hyun. After a series of successful dramas, from the crime thrillers Extracurricular and Mouse, to her more

11 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Shin Min Ah

Here's where you can watch more of this talented actress.
We’ve fallen completely head over heels for Shin Min Ah ever since we saw her with Kim Seon Ho in their hit K-drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Heck, we even rounded up 10 fun facts any curious viewer should know about the model-turned-actress. Then again, if you’ve

This Pinoy Couple Recreated Popular K-Drama Scenes for Their Creative Prenup Shoot

They took inspiration from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Crash Landing on You, and My Roommate is a Gumiho!
It's nothing new to say that people are obsessed with K-dramas, and that these shows inspire lives in more ways than one. Maybe it’s the interesting storylines, the beautiful actors and actresses, or even the stunning cinematography that have fans wanting for

6 Korean Shows Starring "Business Proposal" Actress Kim Sejeong

Including popular titles like "The Uncanny Counter" and "School 2017".
K-pop idol-turned-actress Kim Sejeong is one of the K-drama scene’s brightest leading ladies today. Even with only a few shows to her name thus far, this multi-talented star never fails to show her range when it comes to her acting prowess. From

10 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Korean Star Ahn Hyo Seop

He's acted alongside the likes of Shin Hye Sun and Cha Eun Woo!
Ahn Hyo Seop is one of the hottest faces to know in the Korean drama circuit right now. The singer-turned-actor has been on a steady stream of lead roles from his famed character in Dr. Romantic 2, to a well-suited CEO in

7 K-Dramas That Were Cancelled or Cut Short

Some of these shows never even made it to production.
It hasn't been long since Snowdrop, Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK Jisoo's latest drama together, faced backlash just right after its premiere episode. Clamor for the drama to get cancelled came in waves due to its alleged historical distortion and romanticization of the

10 K-Drama Actors and the Important Advocacies They're Supporting

Even more reasons to obsess over our favorite K-drama stars!
The Hallyu industry is bustling, burgeoning, and showing no signs of slowing down, especially with global audiences already on guard for the next big dramas of 2022. And with such great power comes great responsibility, as comic book fans would say.We’re delighted

10 Memorable K-Drama Cameos You Might Have Missed

From Kim Soo Hyun to Kim Seon Ho, these iconic cameo appearances almost stole the entire show.
With such strong screenplays, high production value, and impressive performances alone, Korean dramas already wield exceptional, uplifting power over the lives and nations they reach. We wager that another reason for this meteoric success is the endearing exchange of support that popular

10 K-Dramas Coming Out in 2022 We're Most Excited to Watch

2022 is offering a spectacular K-drama line-up that might just top 2021.
2021 was a record-breaking year for Korean dramas. Netflix’s Squid Game reportedly reached 3 billion minutes-worth of views in just one week, a level of success often ascribed to Western favorites like The Crown and Umbrella Academy. Meanwhile, Vincenzo ended its run to become one

The Biggest Easter Egg in "Squid Game" That You Probably Missed

The clues about the games were right there all along!
Weeks after the it’s initial release, Squid Game continues to secure its spot on Netflix’s Top 10. In case you haven't caught up yet, the K-drama thriller, follows the different players who compete in a series of childhood games in order to

This Is the Exact Hospital Where "Hospital Playlist" Was Filmed

Another must-visit place in Seoul to add to your list!
Every K-drama fan knows that our favorite shows do not only have well-written plots, stellar actors, and LSS-inducing OSTs: They also put the spotlight on places in South Korea! One K-drama with a stunning filming location is Hospital Playlist and we found

10 Best K-Dramas About the Law That Will Definitely Make You Think

These dramas are anything but boring.
Are romantic K-dramas getting too lonely or repetitive for you? Or maybe you want an intelligent series that really makes you think with a critical perspective? Then perhaps dramas that will school you on South Korea's laws are right up your alley!