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6 Cool Ways to Style Knitwear All Year Round

Here are practical ways to don your fave knits.
There's no doubt that cardigans and knits are a closet must-have. If anything, 2020 has basically cemented its staple status—especially now that everyone's after comfort and style. But given that we live in a tropical country, wearing chunky knits are not always

Would You Buy This "Thousand-in-One-Ways" Sweater for P34,000?

Now that's outfit repeating made fun.
We love ourselves a good multi-wear buy, whether we're talking hardworking face-lips-eyes beauty loot or a gorgeous vintage silk scarf you can knot into pretty much anything (bra top? Bag handle? You name it). Which is why our answer to the following

Why Exactly Are Cashmere Sweaters So Expensive?

Watch and find out.
Quick storytime, just to put things into personal perspective: My mother had a plush, prized Loro Piana cashmere knit she absolutely did not let me borrow until I reached my 20s. Her refusal didn't matter to me so much in my teens,

How to Wear the Sleeveless Sweater

Also known as the sweater vest!
You've raided your grandmother's closet, but have you ever considered rummaging through grandpa's? It's precisely the question this Spring/Summer 2017 trend is posing—sweater vests, if you haven't caught on, are cozying up to us in a major way. Don't scissor off the

Samantha Sadhwani Shows Us Ways to Wear Knits for the Holidays

Stock up on the cozy knits for this nippy Manila weather.
The Philippines may not have all four seasons, but we’re lucky enough to have sweater weather during the holidays up until around February. We're obviously excited for the breezy nights ahead so we enlisted the help of beauty turned fashion girl Samantha

How To Dress Like A Babe In The Winter

Traveling to beat the heat? Here's the Style Bible advisory for looking cute in the cold.
Via @michelleeloiseOn your next trip somewhere colder than Manila, please do not borrow the padded nylon windbreaker your mountaineering cousin takes with her to Sagada, or layer multiple acrylic-knit sweaters, rotating them daily for a new “outfit” everyday, don’t even think about

The Different Types Of Sweater Knits

It's sweater weather! But do you know what the one you're wearing is called?
Can you believe it? In two days it will already be the last month of the year! Crazy how swiftly time flies, right? It's almost the end of the year, yet there is still so much happening. From Christmas shopping (see our

Fabric Care 101

It's time to show your clothes some love.
 Don’t you just wish your closet was a timeless capsule that will leave your clothes looking and feeling new no matter how many times you’ve used them? Sigh, technology hasn’t reached that level yet. And unless you’re planning to invent such a

Tan-gan: Spring/summer 2012

The knit queen makes piña refreshingly relevant by using it in versatile, wardrobe-friendly pieces.
Lulu Tan-Gan, who the Philippine fashion industry fondly hails as its Queen of Knits, is focusing on another textile, the beloved piña, to further her design evolution. She's making it more relevant than ever to the growing hyper-fashion-conscious Filipino market by using