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8 Alcohol-Free Toners to Try If You Want Smooth, Glowing Skin

It's time to change that old school astringent.
Toners have evolved from being a drying, redness-inducing liquid into a key product for glowing skin. Modern formulations now function like a watery serum, infused with ingredients that could do everything from soothe, brighten, and exfoliate. More importantly, many of them no longer contain

How to Pronounce These Luxury Beauty Brands

Master these pronunciations and you'll never think twice again.
Have you ever been engaged in a conversation about beauty products but stop yourself from blurting out a brand name because you're unsure of how it's pronounced? Well, with this guide to the trickiest names, you can gush confidently about that new

The Prettiest Gifts to Get Mom this Mother’s Day

Love you, Mom!
Not that you could ever put a price tag on love, but getting mom a nice gift as a sign of affection and gratitude is but a small means of showing how much you care especially on Mother’s Day. Seeing that the

Dominique Cojuangco, BJ Pascual and More Rock Monochromatic Outfits

Everyone looks so fresh!
Last month, Manila’s hip celebrities, bloggers, and influencers gathered at Japanese resto 12/10, for Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin challenge. This stylish set probably decided to come dressed in relaxed silhouettes to match the au naturel beauty the brand believes in. The trend of the day? Monochromatic

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Mane Attraction

This week, it's all about your crowning glory.
We think we can all agree that the way we style our hair can make or break our look. Getting a picture-perfect selfie doesn’t only require good lighting and flawless makeup skills, because our crowning glory is a crucial factor to consider,

Top 10 Sunscreens For The Face

Don't leave home without your daily dose of SPF!
To those of you who think sunblock is just for the summer, think again! Damaging UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes skin to burn) rays are present all year round and cause cumulative damage to unprotected skin. Meaning? You unwillingly destroy the

Best Of Beauty 2013: Skincare

Throughout 2013 we kept reaching for these stellar skin savers.
Like many things in life, sometimes all you need is a solid foundation. When it comes to skin, this is where skincare comes in. With the proper products to nourish your skin, your makeup goes on smoother, acne flare-ups become a thing

Ask An Ed: Which Skincare Products Go First?

Boost the power of your serums and creams with the proper layering technique.
While we’ve heard of lengthy 12-step skincare regimens (thanks to the influx of porcelain-skinned K-Pop stars), the question baffling everyone’s mind lies not in the why but the how. Though most are familiar with the three-step system Clinique has popularized, since the

Kiehl's In Power Plant

Everyone’s beloved modern pharmacy finds a new home in cosmopolitan Makati.
Iconic New York beauty and cosmeceutical brand Kiehl’s opened the doors of its newest branch in Power Plant last October 4. The fifth boutique in the city, it brings its well-loved products a bit closer to home, delighting shoppers with a Coney

Clean Slate

Enjoy a relaxing bath with these luxuriously moisturizing products.
Everybody enjoys a good long bath. Whether a way to enliven your senses in the morning for the day to come or as a means to cool down at night after a hard days work, baths for most of us equal much

Kiehl's Gives Back

Kiehl's launches limited edition Acai products to benefit the
Rainforest Alliance.
The environment and cosmetic companies don't often have a good relationship. The beauty industry may sometimes seem to promote an excessive lifestyle—the constant need for a new mascara, a time to chuck out your foundation for a newer formulation, 24 new lipstick