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Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014 Attendees

Who came and screamed their lungs out? Find out.
We say there's nothing hotter than a man in a suit, but Cosmo begs to disagree. As we witnessed a battalion of demigod-looking males throwing away their stiff tailored outfits to show off their impressive rack, we had to believe in compromise. Because we

Watch The Cosmo 69 Bachelor Bash Livestream

WATCH The Cosmo 69 Bachelor Bash Livestream
All roads lead to the World Trade Center, tonight. Why? Because of the much-awaited annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash, that’s why! And if unfortunately the stars didn’t align and you weren’t able to score tickets, then here’s a little something we swear will

25 Important Things I Learned From Bench

Photographer Ronnie Salvacion curates his most iconic shoots for the brand.
“These photos meant something then. Looking at them now brings an all-new meaning to Bench. I want to walk you through my journey with Bench,” top photographer Ronnie Salvacion says of his photo synthesis exhibit of his most memorable ads for the