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7 Cast Members of Netflix's "Sweet & Sour" You've Probably Seen Before

You'll remember Lee Woo Je as Hwang In Yeop's BFF in "True Beauty"!
The Korean movie Sweet & Sour premiered on Netflix earlier this month and boy, were we mindblown! It was hilarious until we reach the ending that hit us with a plot twist that we never saw coming! The last few minutes definitely made us

8 Korean Actors Who Are Also Fashion Models

You'll be surprised by some of them!
When you watch K-dramas, you're sometimes distracted by an actor's good looks, right? It's hard not to notice their attractive features and towering height, that you have probably wondered if they have ever walked on the runway. The answer: Some of them did!At

Here’s What Really Happened at the End of “Sweet and Sour”

The Korean romantic drama has left viewers rightly confused.
If you’re here right now, then chances are, much like everyone else on social media, the ending of the Korean film Sweet and Sour left you lost and confused, too. Fret not, because we’re here to break it all down for you.To

10 K-Dramas to Watch Featuring Korean Actor Jang Ki Yong

He has not just one but two upcoming dramas we can't wait to watch this year!
Tall, handsome, and versatile, South Korean actor Jang Ki Yong is pure leading man material. Avid K-drama fans need no further convincing, but if you're not so familiar with the Hallyu heartthrob yet, it's not too late! For starters, we already wrote

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actor Jang Ki Yong

Get to know Song Hye Kyo's next leading man.
If you're a dedicated K-drama fan, then you're probably already familiar with Jang Ki Yong. After all, he’s an established leading man in South Korea who’s starred in various TV shows such as Confession Couple, My Mister, Come and Hug Me, and

15 Korean Stars Who Need to Enlist in the Military This Year

Is your fave idol or actor on the list?
By law, South Korea requires able-bodied men from 18 to 28 years old to render military service. They're obliged to join the South Korean army for around two years. Although, exceptions are made only if they're "classical musicians and athletes who win