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You’ll Want to Get These Cute Christmas-Themed Cakes for Noche Buena

You can get your cakes customized, too!
There's nothing quite like celebrating Christmastime in the Philippines. Pre-COVID, homes often received visits from gleeful carolers, filling listeners' ears with the spirit of the holiday tune. However, among all the traditions Pinoys follow, one most families look forward to is gathering

7 IG Stores to Shop Fun and Quirky Pots and Vases for Your Home

Add some spice into your home with these eccentric pots and vases.
If you’re not exactly the best at maintaining fresh flowers at home, you’ll probably agree that vases don’t always need actual lavish bouquets in them to be useful in accentuating your living space. Sometimes, it’s enough to display a decorated jar on

This IG Shop Sells Plants That Come in the Cutest Dinosaur Pots

These quirky pots will never go extinct!
Since we’re at home most of the time during quarantine, the environment where we work and rest is totally important! Who wants to be in a boring place for the majority of the day, right? If you agree with us, then you’ll definitely get

Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff Launch Their New Fashion Brand for Babies

Their baby products are sustainably made, too!
Nothing really beats the power of a mother's love. For Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff, this statement stands true and reflects through their very first mommy project together. Four days ago, the two were already posting photo teasers on their personal IG accounts

8 Local Instagram Shops That Sell Chunky Mask Chains

Add more personality to your masks with this trendy accessory!
Mask chains are the new normal fashion piece that you simply shouldn’t be without. And if there’s anything this pandemic has proven, it’s that people can be really creative—especially when it comes to upgrading essential everyday items like mask chains.A trend that

5 Local Online Stores to Buy Fan-Made K-Drama Merch

Add to cart, please!
Being a K-Drama fan is loads of fun because you get to collectively belong to several fandoms all at once, experience indulgent plotlines and well-written stories, and of course, there’s the pleasure of fangirling over all our favorite actors and actresses. With

10 Local IG Stores Where You Can Buy Cute and Comfy Loungewear

Get ready to shop some cute loungewear!
If you’re getting tired of wearing the same old pambahay clothes every day and are looking to upgrade your loungewear outfits, then you've come to the right place! Below are some local brands that have stylish loungewear and sleepwear you'll want to

This Local Online Shop Has the Prettiest LWDs to Wear This Summer

Elan Wear's little white dresses will be your uniform this summer for sure!
If you're looking for a new frock to wear this summer, then your search is practically over! Élan Wear will supply you with new little white dresses you won't want to take off. Created by Pamela Andres, Élan Wear presents a contemporary collection dresses

Where to Buy Cute Jewelry to Give as Gifts for P500 and Below

They're #aesthetic and budget-friendly.
Looking for possible gifts for your friends and family? Fashion accessories might be a good option to try. They're #aesthetic, budget-friendly, and some designs can even be personal and meaningful. Below, a list of Instgram stores (some of which are also available

5 Instagram Shops to Buy Cute Phone Cases for P400 and Below

Shopping for cute phone cases that won't hurt your pockets?
These days, we often find ourselves bringing our smartphones everywhere. We never leave home without it and most of the time we’ve always got it on-hand. They say that our phones are an extension of our bodies, so does that make phone

10 Local Stores Where You Can Shop for Aesthetic Christmas Decor

Shop these 10 local online stores that offer the prettiest Christmas decor you'll love.
We can all agree that 2020 took a huge turn downhill. But despite all the negativity that the year has brought upon us, what better way to cheer ourselves up by ringing in the holiday season?  Though parties and gatherings shouldn’t be

This Ukay-Ukay Sells All the Items You Need to Nail Basic Y2K Style

From cropped vests, tennis skirts, to oversized baggy pants—this online shop has it all.
There’s no denying that the noughties is taking over the closets of many—and we don’t just mean Gen Z stylephiles. The early 2000s was a very fun, bizarre, and ironic period for fashion where sartorial rules were deliberately broken, making way for

5 Online Stores to Check Out If You Want a Minimalist, Aesthetic Home

Here are five Instagram shops that will let you achieve an elegant yet simple space you'll love to spend days in.
So you've decluttered and sorted out all your things at home. The next step now is upgrading your accessories to fit your new vibe. Mind you, you don't really need much to do so. If you're after a minimalist but aesthetic home,