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How to Take a 'Glass Skin' Selfie Without Using a Filter

Because glass skin is in.
With selfies (and photography in general), good lighting is key for achieving that perfect shot. For example, no matter how dewy your skin is IRL, bad lighting won't let you properly flaunt your glow. But with the right tools, you can turn

You Have to Check Out This New Crazy Brow Trend

Instagram is nuts.
The term "on fleek" may have died a peaceful death some time ago, but that doesn't mean the slew of insane Instagram brow trends has trickled to a stop! Case in point: squiggle brows, as created by beauty vlogger Promise Tamang.Get a

Becca Cosmetics Is Trying to Make Mint Highlighter Happen

But only if you want them to!
Since rainbow highlighter became a thing, the rest of the crazy highlight colors that followed suit failed to compare. They were all fun colors, yes, but undoubtedly only fun to look at. Everyone had a difficult time imagining it on their own cheeks

Bretman Rock Reveals the One Time He Regretted Wearing Highlighter

He looked like a "hot shiny mess."
One glance at Bretman Rock's Instagram feed and you just know that he's all about that glow. His highlighter obsession is real, and his perpetually blinding cheeks are undeniable proof.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/bretmanrockThat said, he, too, thinks that you can wear too much highlighter.

This Makeup Tutorial Has a Powerful Message About Domestic Abuse

No more hiding.
Victims of domestic abuse need our support more than anything. It's important to encourage them to come forward and leave their abusive relationships. The problem is, it's difficult to even identify them. Many victims have learned to cope by hiding their scars

This Instagram Beauty Trend Takes Swatching to a Whole New Level

It's called #HandMakeup.
It kinda sounds like a Sailor Moon transformation sequence TBH, but #HandMakeup is the Instagram trend that has the online beauty community hooked. So you basically recreate a "plakado" eye makeup look on your hand.Your first questions might be, "Why...?" But it's actually