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These 10 Padded Tank Tops Are Perfect for Girls Who Hate Bras

Say goodbye to fussy clasps and uncomfortable underwire!
We know, we know: You hate bras. We get it and we’re right there with you, which is why we’ve previously listed some comfy bras you can shop in Manila right now—no one deserves to have to imprison their girls in a

10 Minimalist Pieces to Shop That Will Last You Forever

Update your closet with these easy-to-rewear essentials.
It's always the minimal pieces in our closet that give up on us first. So if there's any part of your wardrobe to splurge on a little, it will be on basics (whatever your definition of that is) that you'll wear over

10 Comfortable Bras You Can Wear All Day Long

For days you simply can't go braless.
Now that things are sort of going back to normal, your bras are probably starting to see the light of day once again. If you don't miss wearing those literal boobie traps because of how uncomfortable and constricting they feel, we totally

The 6 Types of Bras Every Woman Needs in Her Life

Know the right style for you!
Bras are just some of the underrated items in our closets. We just mindlessly put them on, and sometimes, we don't even bother if it's in the right size. But it's time to change that mindset: Bras are essential so we must

How to Shop for a Strapless Bra That Won't Slip, According to an Expert

Plus more bra-related FAQs!
Real talk: Strapless bras aren't the comfiest thing to wear. Mine just won't stay put all day (which leads to uncomfy back pains), and I realized I wasn't alone. My officemate with a C-cup (I've got an A-cup size, by the way) shared the same sentiments. Her strapless bra keeps

5 Basic Innerwear Pieces Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

They're perfect for light layering!
There's a reason why basics are known as the foundation of anyone's wardrobe. They quite literally serve as the base layer for one's outfits, be it a tank top underneath a sheer top or a turtleneck layered under an office blazer. Stocking up (or hoarding) these inner garments

5 of the Best Nipple Tapes and Where to Buy Them

Time to go braless!
Let’s face it, bras can be very uncomfortable. No matter your cup size, it’s for certain that females everywhere do have something to complain about brassieres. Sure, they hold up your assets, but they can get uncomfortable with poking wires and clingy

This Is How Often You Should Be Buying New Underwear

It's more frequent than you would expect.
Underwear can be expensive, but it shouldn't be an excuse to end up with loose, hole-y underwear all the time. Still, imagine our surprise when we learned how often ladies should really be replacing those bras and panties, according to experts. As reported

Personal Stylist: Undercover

With the right pieces, innerwear can play peek-a-boo without getting caught by the fashion police.
Innerwear as outerwear is all over the runways, but how does one wear this trend in real life? Paired with the right pieces, you can get away with flashing pretty lingerie in public without being apprehended as an exhibitionist.Check out these ideas:NAUGHTY

La Senza Shows Off

Leading lingerie brand launches its latest collection.
Because we believe that innerwear is key to looking and feeling confident in your outfit, we are pleased to share with you the latest collection of La Senza. Canada’s premiere lingerie retailer has recently launched a new line of undergarments called Show