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Vote For The #imapreviewgirl Video For Rappler's Best Pinoy Viral Video

How Not to Instagram shows it has more than just bite.
The results are in and, to our delight, the seventh installment of the #ImAPreviewGirl campaign has garnered a nomination in Rappler's Social Media Awards 2013 for Best Pinoy Viral Video.  As with any other awards that recognize the power of social media,

Are You A Preview Girl?

The buzz behind Preview's latest campaign
If you’ve been wondering why our social media pages have been exploding with videos lately, it’s all part and parcel of Preview’s newest online campaign. Entitled #I’mAPreviewGirl, the magazine lets go of the reigns and leaves its viewers to discern the different

Watch: How Not To Instagram

Here's why you should be careful when taking photos for Instagram. (You know we're being funny.)
At last night's Virtual Style Awards, we premiered the latest installment of the the #ImAPreviewGirl videos, How Not To Instagram. We don't really want to squeal more about this video as we do want to "ruin the moment" but we guarantee, this

Nourriture Et ModÈles

Watch the fourth installment video of #ImAPreviewGirl by Everywhere We Shoot.
Dubbed as Mr. and Mrs. Maverick on Preview’s Best Dressed List 2013, Ryan and Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot create the fourth installment video of #ImAPreviewGirl seasoned with their signature quirky energy. The short film features four models doing several fashion