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How PVA Glue Can Save Your Manicure

Here's a handy manicure trick for #TipTuesday!
Remember back in pre-school when you would have arts and crafts and get PVA glue all over your hands? While we got scolded for getting too messy, no one could ever take away the sheer joy of peeling the dried glue off

How To Weed Out Your Closet

As the saying goes, “out with the old, and in with the new.”
Oftentimes, the hoarders that live inside us fear letting go pieces inside our closets. This results to a monstrous pile of clothes that haven’t been used for ages. (That dress you wore to junior prom, it’s still sitting there.) And after all

A Girl's Guide To Caring For Denim

Great jeans are rare gems so best take care of yours.
Great jeans are hard to come by. Yes, there may be a ton of selections offered in the market, but finding a pair that fits like a glove and comes in the right wash is a rare occurrence.Like you, we care greatly

Personal Stylist: High Shine

Go all out glam this season with accents that add sparkle to your outfits.
The holiday season is upon us and adding a little bit of sparkle to our outfits seems to be in order. After all, high-shine pieces are a staple during this festive time of the year.We create four sophisticated looks that range from

One Night Strands

Dramatically change your look with commitment-free hairstyles.
As we slowly approach December, our calendars start to fill up with upcoming reunions and holiday fêtes. You may start to lament on your boring hair, constantly thinking about radically changing it so you’ll look party-ready. But you put a halt to

How To Put On False Lashes

Believe it or not, you can apply falsies on yourself like a pro.
Aside from loading up coats of mascara on your lashes, you can fake a fuller fringe by applying a pair of strip false eyelashes. You don't need a diploma from beauty school to fulfill your eye-opening dreams. With practice and this easy

Breaking Bad

We spill the tricks on how to get anti-pretty, rebel hair.
We’ve been brainwashed by society and ads dictating that beautiful hair should always be perfectly smooth, straight, and shiny. But nowadays, it’s a relief seeing models and celebrities embracing messy hair because let’s face it, it does take a village to having

Three Ways To Wow

Take a breather from the usual neutrals and add color to your accustomed makeup swag.
Admit it, you’re guilty of reaching for chocolate browns and champagnes for your eye makeup and nude shades for your pouts. Color is not something you should be afraid of. We believe that makeup should be fun, rules and inhibitions should be

Halloween Looks By Rick Baker For Mac

Halloween gets spookier with Rick Baker's magic touch.
MAC Cosmetics’ newest collaboration couldn’t come at a more appropriate time of the month. With makeup special effects wizard Rick Baker (Planet of the Apes, Michael Jackson’s Thriller) as the focal point of the new collection, he brings his movie magic to

One Palette, Three Ways

We explore the possibilities of one eyeshadow palette.
Do you ever have moments just staring at an eyeshadow palette wondering, "How will I ever use all the colors in this palette?" We’re guessing you mostly use one or two colors only from your eyeshadow quad and leave the other shades

Miss World 2013: Megan Young

Hail the new (beauty) queen by stealing her winning look.
The 23-year old Filipino-American beauty Megan Young brought home the crown at the Miss World 2013 pageant held in Bali, Indonesia. Her recent victory makes it the Philippines' first ever Miss World win. The closest we were to winning were during Evangeline Pascual’s

8 Steps To Nail That Perfect Manicure

Here's another detailed GIF tutorial to help you do your own manicure like a pro.
Pretty polished nails imply that a girl spends time for herself. Just like shoes and accessories, the perfect manicure can make or break a look. It ain't easy doing it on your own but if you're looking for ways to cut down

Georgina Times Four

Here's a quick how-to on copping the four different looks of our cover girl.
This month, Preview has treated the readers with four collector's item edition covers featuring the statuesque beauty, Georgina Wilson. All four looks were created by makeup artist extraordinaire Fanny Serrano. Each look embodies the Preview girl—some like to wear soft silhouttes and dresses made

Ask An Editor: How To Avoid Getting Blisters

We list down 3 steps to answer every girl's feet dilemma.
Q:I always end up buying a nice pair of shoes that turn out to be unbelievably uncomfortable. Most of the time I end up getting blisters because of them, what should I do?A: Ever heard of the saying “sacrifice for beauty?” If

Three Ways To Style A Lob

Three clever looks that can switch up your lob from sweet to edgy.
The lob is a coined term from the words "long bob." The hair length usually stops by the collarbone or shoulders. Before, it's considered to be a growing-outphase hair length after you've cut your hair into a chin bob. Now, it's one

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

We chatted with Beauty and Minerals owner, Sophia Uy, on how to keep your makeup brushes clean and in shape.
Makeup brushes help us girls in getting our eye makeup right, our foundations blended in with our skin and our blushes seamlessly placed on the apples of our cheeks. Just like any other item we put directly on our face, we need

Ask An Editor: How To Take A Great #selfie

We give you a cheat sheet on how to take the perfect selfie.
Q: How do I take a nice selfie?A: The selfie or a picture of you taken by, well, yourself looks easy but really, is a bit tricky. Look up #selfie and you'll see that there are about 38 million tagged posts on

Look We Love: Andi Eigenmann's Mod Moment

Steal Preview February Cover Girl, Andi Eigenmann's mod moment.
Newsflash: What’s old is new again! Preview cover girl, Andi Eigenmann, donned Spring / Summer 2013 Louis Vuitton garb for our February ish. Meanwhile, the cover beauty look was very graphic, dreamy, and mod. She reminded us of 1960s fashion icon Twiggy with her strong black