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These Models Captured Our 2020 Mood in Poses

Watch Katarina Rodriguez, Yma Cuerva, and Mia Franz Gelicka take on our pose-off challenge!
Just for a bit of fun, we challenged a few of our model friends to a pose-off at the Preview @ 25 House Party. Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez and Preview Clique members Mia Franz-Gelicka and Yma Cuervo put on their

How to Pose for IG-Worthy Beach Photos, According to Rei Germar

Save these ideas for your next trip!
Temperatures are rising. Our sunnies are at the ready, and so is our inner hubadera. It's safe to say that summer is finally upon us, and aside from curating that humid weather-friendly wardrobe, you're also probably planning that beach trip with your

This Seems to Be Heart Evangelista's New Favorite OOTD Pose

Take a look at how she does it!
If you're on the lookout for an easy Instagram pose to do for your OOTDs, then look no further! Heart Evangelista has an effortless trick that's guaranteed to give you the most natural-looking #plandid (planned + candid) pose. A quick look at

How to Pose with an Umbrella for Your Next #OOTD

Stay chic on a rainy day.
When it rains, it pours. You know how sometimes you dress up in the morning, hoping for a sunny day so you could document your new outfit, but then the weather turns gloomy. Instead of focusing on the bad side of a

How to Pose with Plants for Your Next Instagram Photo

Level up your OOTD!
Plants are so hot right now. They’re green, they look good, and they look even better as selfie companions. Along with the current trends on wellness and green-living, plants also add that extra something to any #OOTD or #selfie. There’s just something

10 Stylish Ways to Pose with Your Baby on Instagram

Look good in the snaps you'll reminisce about when your little one's all grown up!
It's almost as if all of Instagram's best dressed girls are having kids at the same time. We admit that the introduction of bouncy babies makes scrolling through their feeds so much more fun now—that, and we're positively fascinated by how their

How to Pose While Showing Off Different Parts of Your Outfit

Shine the spotlight on your favorite element.
The goal is to look flawless from head-to-toe, of course, but there are some days when a certain detail of your OOTD is worth zooming in on. Whether it's a statement shoe or a spangly, boulder-sized earring, we've rounded up a few

Jessy Mendiola Teaches Us How to Do Summer Poses on Instagram

Watch and learn!
Running low on ideas on how to pose for your OOTDs this summer? Don’t fret—Jessy Mendiola has got you covered!This 24-year-old actress is the epitome of a certified bombshell (um, she wasn’t hailed as FHM’s Sexiest Woman for no reason), and there’s

Ask An Editor: How To Take A Great #selfie

We give you a cheat sheet on how to take the perfect selfie.
Q: How do I take a nice selfie?A: The selfie or a picture of you taken by, well, yourself looks easy but really, is a bit tricky. Look up #selfie and you'll see that there are about 38 million tagged posts on

Steal Her Style: How To Pose

Nail your fashion pose by checking out these pegs!
In this day and age when street style spotting, fashion blogging, and even posting photos via Twitter are the "In" thing, we all have to have a secret weapon to looking good when photographed and that is a signature pose! The right