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12 Easy Ways to Style Your Black Trousers for the Office

Fashion inspo here!
Advocate polished simplicity in a pair of black trousers. As simple as these pants could be, they can give your look a fashion-forward edge when styled properly. After all, a perfectly tailored pair can elevate any look. Here, we look to some

Here Are Chic Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress to the Office

Mix and match the dress with clothes you already own!
Office attire is hinged on two things: (1) comfort, and (2) ease to put together. While shirt dresses tick both of these requirements, most feel that there's only one way to wear them. Well, it's time to debunk this myth! As shown

8 Outfit Combos You Can Wear with Your Culottes

Style tips right this way, ladies!
Culottes, gauchos, wide-leg trousers—however you want to call them—will never go out of style. Especially this summer, as the temperature rises, the weather demands for a more practical and comfortable pair of bottoms. When your pants feel too restricting that you're in

Move Over, Millennial Pink—Gen Z Yellow Is the New It Color!

Don't tell us you haven't noticed yet.
After millennial pink's strong reign during the past year—from runway trends and beauty brands to dozens and dozens of Instagram feeds—a new “it” color is now on the move to oust it from its throne. Everyone, say hello to Gen Z yellow!According to

10 Ways to Wear a Beret Like a Street Style Star

Which one is your fave?
What happens in Paris clearly don't stay in Paris. Famous for their berets, this hat trend is poised for a major comeback as a chic accessory that will instantly upgrade your outfits (and maybe proclaim your wokeness!). The beret has its roots

10 Chic Ways to Style a Black Turtleneck for Any Occasion

Styling tricks right here, ladies!
The turtleneck is a closet classic that will never let you down no matter what season. It's a versatile piece that can extend the wearability of your clothes, esepcially when you travel abroad. But don't get stuck on basic styling techniques. Push

How to Wear Office-Friendly Denim for Casual Fridays

Who says denim is too casual?
Gone are the days when pencil skirts and suits are your only options for office dressing. Nowadays, even denim can pass for appropriate workwear—if you know which piece to wear and how to style them. Don't believe us? Read on and learn

Red Is 2017's Power Color and Here's How to Wear It

Easy styling tricks here!
Pale dogwood and greenery better step aside and make way for this fiery hue. Bloggers, celebrities, and fashion girls alike are hopping on the crimson bandwagon. It's a bold and contemporary addition to the muted shades you already own. Don't fall behind

This Is the Cool New Way to Wear Your Belt Bag

Sling it like you mean it.
If the belt bag's comeback hit you like a ton o' bricks, you're not alone—we didn't exactly expect the tour guide staple to become an actual fashion statement (no matter how great life is hands-free). We 100% love the fanny pack now,

Here's How You Can Style a Skirt That's Way Too Short

You can still wear it out!
For whatever reason that skirt in your closet is just waaay too short—maybe it shrunk in the wash or you bought it a size too small—know you won't have to bid it adieu forever! Below, we list down a few prime examples

5 Reasons to Try the Beret Trend Now

We break it down for ya.
We're here to convince you that the beret deserves a place in your closet, on your head, and in your heart. Not even exaggerating. It's the season's accessory du jour for a reason, and admit it: you've seen it on your favorite

This Is the New Way You Should Be Wearing the Choker Trend

Think slim metals and dainty layers.
We don't blame you if you're getting kiiinda sick of the choker trend. After all, it did rule 2016 with an iron fist—or should we say a plush, velvet ribbon fist? While you can keep wearing your go-to black cord if you

Wearing Mismatched Shoes Is Now a Thing and Here's How to Do It

We've got easy tips for you right here!
It all started on the runway of Celine last spring. The French brand sent down models in footwear that are of different colors—on purpose! While we weren't sure if the trend would catch on, soon enough, more designers followed suit. Emilio Pucci,

How to Wear Crop Tops According to Your Body Shape

An easy styling guide to help you find the best top to flatter your form.
We're quite sure that crop tops won't be going anywhere, yet this closet staple is one of the trickiest items to style. One wrong move, you'll end up looking a little exposed. Apart from this concern, people are also conscious with body

10 Easy Ways to Work Yellow Into Your OOTDs

It's THE pop of color du jour.
Millennial pink oughta watch its back, because someone else is out to steal the limelight—or should we say lemonlight? Yellow is having its time in the gracious golden sun, and all our favorite style stars are proof! Below, let 'em demonstrate how