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10 Minimalist Outfits to Ring in the New Year With

Keep things simple.
Fireworks! Champagne! No New Year's Eve is ever complete without the festivities, and for the fashion girl, no festivities are ever done without the perfect outfit. Fine, but what if said fashion girl is a minimalist at heart? What if she's not

Outfit Repeating 101: Your 10-Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Make the most of your glammed-up party threads.
It's the holidays and you barely have time for anything, much less for sitting in front of your closet wailing "what am I going to wear?!" We hear you loud and clear, girls. Below, five outfits we've styled with just ten pieces

12 Holiday Outfits from the Ukay-Ukay That Cost Under P200

And look really good, too.
Yep, holiday events are slowly starting to creep up on us. Many take this opportunity to buy new clothes and get all dolled up, but for some people, dressing up and spending for clothes may be the cause of stress! Fret not,

Samantha Sadhwani Shows Us Ways to Wear Knits for the Holidays

Stock up on the cozy knits for this nippy Manila weather.
The Philippines may not have all four seasons, but we’re lucky enough to have sweater weather during the holidays up until around February. We're obviously excited for the breezy nights ahead so we enlisted the help of beauty turned fashion girl Samantha

Staff Challenge: New Year's Eve Attire

Style Bible editors pick out what to wear as we usher in 2014!
We’re all excited to brew our best year yet, but for today’s agenda, we tackle what we would wear on New Year’s Eve! May you be spending it with your family and friends, you and I both know that we should always

Reasonable Layering

We show you five looks you can pull-off for the holiday weather!
Admit it, this season gets exciting not only because of the holiday fetes and gift giving but also because of the relativley cooler weather. Imagine, we can bust out our knitwear, our tights, coats, and blazers and be able to wear them

Personal Stylist: Holiday Dressing

We create four looks perfect for your holiday engagements.
Can you feel the Christmas spirit (or the Christmas rush)? With holiday parties left and right, not to mention all the shopping that needs to be done, one dilemma remains: "What to wear? What to wear?"Worry not: We piece together four looks