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How to Remove Indelible Ink

Get rid of that icky purple stain!
An inked finger might be Monday’s hottest accessory, but after all the post-vote selfies have been sent out, you might want to get rid of that stain right away. Lucky for you, we found this handy video that shows one how to

POLL: Which Presidential Son Is the Most First Son Material?

Whose face would you rather see on a postage stamp?
At the beginning of the final episode of American Idol’s last season, US President Barack Obama explained how the show taught everyone a very valuable lesson, one that goes far beyond chasing dreams of stardom. He said that "this show has motivated

Why You Should Register and Exercise Your Right to Vote

Our lives do not have to be governed by choices other people make for us.
Everyday, our lives are governed by choices other people make for us: from the amount of taxes we pay to which vehicles can slug through the congested roads of EDSA on a Monday. Everyday, we live through choices other people make for