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10 DIY Hair Color Dyes If Your Want Ash Brown Hair

Obsessed with ash brown hair? Here's how you can achieve it at home!
There's just something about ash brown hair that instantly elevates your look. The color is undeniably cool and flattering for most skin tones, and makes your tresses looks simply stylish even when you step out of your house in a plain white

Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Dye Your Hair

Here's what you need to be doing to prevent hair damage!
Have you ever felt like you just wanted a different hair color all of a sudden while in quarantine? For sure, you're not alone in having that thought. TBH, there's nothing wrong with wanting to switch up your look by dyeing your

This is The Weird Hair Color Trend Celebs Love Right Now

Are you willing to try it?
This quarantine period has made people do things they normally wouldn't. Whether that be venturing into baking for the very first time, mix and matching pieces in your wardrobe that you've never worn before, and most commonly, changing up your hairstyle. But

Light Brown Hair Colors to Try for a Subtle Change in 2020

Try a cool-toned ash brown shade for a change!
For most of us, brown is the first hair color we've ever tried. After all, it's the second most natural-looking shade to black, and it's not too difficult to maintain. We won't be surprised if you've stuck with the classic color for years!

"Cold Brew Hair" Is the Cool Brown Hair Trend You Have to Try

Yup, it's a thing!
Hair color inspiration can come from anywhere—your Instagram feed, a friend, or even the drink you're holding right now. The "milk tea hair" trend is enough proof of the latter, because aside from being everyone's go-to treat, it suddenly became part of

These Are The Hair Colors You Should Try in 2018

Start fresh with these hues!
Sick of dyeing your tresses light or warm brown? Don't worry, these hair color ideas will inspire you to the hit the salon ASAP so you can debut your new hair for 2018!Dipped EndsNow's your chance to be creative! If you're unsure

3 Hair Colors to Try If You Prefer Lighter Hair

Go for it!
Going blonde is like getting another full-time job. The maintenance that goes into it is off the charts, which is why only the bravest of the brave can pull it off. Fortunately, it's not the only fun color out there; you can

Trend Alert: Are you Ready for Glow in the Dark Hair?

You won’t need any night lights anymore.
Over the year, we’ve witnessed a lot of hair dyes that kept blowing us away—from hidden rainbow hair to rose gold to chocolate colored, we’ve seen them all. But behold, perhaps the craziest trend to hit us has arrived: glow in the

There's a New Hair Color Trend and It's Literally the Sweetest

Get ready for a sugar rush!
You've heard of rose gold and gray ombre, but we're currently obsessing over the latest in fall hair hues: chocolate mauve.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/hannahthepainterThe gorgeous purple-tinged brown wash was created by colorist Hannah Edelman, owner of Brush In Hand Salon in Brooklyn, New York. The hairstylist

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Contouring

For your next salon appointment.
Much like makeup, you can now contour your hair, too!Hair contouring is basically free-hand coloring and highlighting to enhance facial features. Like in makeup, contouring works with shading while highlighting accentuates certain features of the face. It sounds pretty much like balayage

How to Maintain Your Hair Color Without Breaking the Bank

Because coloring your hair is already expensive as it is.
Back in the day, hair hues were limited to natural colors like blacks, browns, reds, and blondes. Now, you can color your locks in all shades of colors from pinks to purples, and even blues which makes coloring your locks even more

Do Brondes Have More Fun?

Nope, that's not a typo.
After Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix Salon uploaded this photo of Jodi Sta. Maria's new 'do, it got us thinking. Do blondes have more fun? Debuting a layered bob with lightened layers, Jodi's light hair is making us want to go shorter (and

Kim Kardashian West's New Hair Was Inspired By Madonna

The reality TV star went platinum blond for Paris Fashion Week.
Kim Kardashian West's new hair color was inspired by Madonna.The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has revealed she had been wanting to get her hair dyed platinum blonde for "a long time" after being inspired by the "Living for Love" hitmaker.She

Beauty Trends To Ditch This 2015

Once upon a time, they looked cool—but not anymore.
Now that 2014 is officially over, it’s time to let go of the ugly past and move on only with the good ones worth keeping. And just like your lumpy blue sweater that’s been begging for its retirement, we've rounded up some