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6 Useful iPhone Hacks You Should Know About

Like setting a timer for your music.
While iPhones are known for their camera quality and clean interface, not many may know that the mobile device and the iOS that comes with it also offer a lot of features for users to have a hassle-free experience. iPhones don't come cheap, so

8 Spotify Hacks Every User Should Know About

Get the most out of the music app.
If you're an avid music lover, chances are you use the Spotify app every single day. While you probably already have the basics down, it's definitely a big help to familiarize yourself with the app's extra functions. Get the most out of

5 Mascara Hacks to Achieve the Best Lashes Everyday

Fake it until you make it!
Being Asian, we were born with short, stick-straight lashes—we just can't seem to achieve the long, fluttery eyelashes! But, all hope is not lost—there are ways you can score full, doll-like lashes!Below, we have rounded up some tips for you to score

This Technique Will Change the Way You Apply Your Highlighter

It's a simple hack that will level up your highlighting game!
Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks unnatural no matter how much you blend it, follow the steps you find on YouTube tutorials, and even buy all the vlogger-approved highlighter products? You apply it on your face, expecting to look like

How to Make a Bag Strap Out of Your Scarf

In case your fave purse doesn't come with a crossbody sling option!
Quick story time: I was mindlessly scrolling through luxury consignment e-shop  TheRealReal last weekend, and found an adorable mini Lady Dior that was selling for a total steal price. The catch? It didn't come with a long strap! This made me think

This Is the Mascara Hack We Swear By for Naturally Longer Lashes

Look effortlessly wide awake.
What makes a perfect everyday mascara varies from person to person. But on a no-makeup kind of day, some of you might want a product that lengthens your lashes without looking like you have anything on them—a no-mascara mascara, if you will.

7 Tricks That Will Stop Your Makeup From Melting This Summer

Make that face stay.
Believe us when we say that powder is not the sole answer to long-lasting makeup. There are tons of other, non-cakey techniques you can add to your routine that can summer-proof your looks the same exact way. Watch the video below for

10 Hacks to Cutting Negative People Out of Your Life

Enough with the draining relationships.
Our closest friends and family mean the world to us. We were nurtured by these strong bonds of love and support when we were younger—but these exact relationships can become obstacles to genuine growth. How does this happen? Unconsciously, our closest family

10 Hacks to Surviving the Nasty Aftermath of a Breakup

Self-love is the name of the game.
It’s the love month and our feeds are filled with couple pics and saccharine love stories. If you are single or unhappy with your love life, you may think it would be good for you to shut them all out so as

LOTD: Ylona Garcia Is Proof That Morenas Can Also Wear Pastels

There's a flattering shade for every skin tone!
This 2017, we saw the emergence of colors as a sartorial statement from the runways to the street. Wearing colors, however, takes expert planning so hues don't clash with your skin tone. If you're a morena who finds it quite puzzling to wear

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Rubbing Your Eyes

It's a trick we learned from the pros.
Waterproof mascara always saves the day when we need long-lasting volume and curl. The best ones don't run when you cry, nor do they smudge when you accidentally touch your eye. They're perfect—well, almost. Removing this lash hero could be a challenge

6 Makeup Artists Create Junk Food-Inspired Looks

Slurpee- and KitKat-inspired makeup? Why not!
Feeling the munchies? These six makeup artists do, too. Sink your teeth into their junk food-inspired looks below!Ryan Wong for MAC CosmeticsIMAGE Dookie Ducay"[We like summer's] pop of color on luminous skin. Try MAC's Fluidline Liner in Deep Blue Sea (P1100, Power

The Veronica Lodge Makeup Tutorial You Need This Halloween

For last-minute costume parties!
Even a last-minute costume can be a hit when it's done right. The key is to keep your inspiration simple—say, choose a pop culture icon that's impossible not to recognize! That said, our pick for this year comes straight from the chic

4 Easy, Must-Do Beauty Hacks for When You’re Running Late

Quick, quick!
We've all been there. You've snoozed past all your alarms and now you barely have enough time to do your entire makeup routine. But running late doesn't mean you shouldn't look put together anymore. After all, there are easy ways to look

4 Practical Tips to Match Your Makeup With Your Outfit

Makeup can make or break your outfit.
I’m a firm believer in putting a lot of thought into what sort of makeup goes with a particular fashion ensemble, and I don’t mean going all matchy-matchy, necessarily. The goal is to create a beauty look that complements rather than clashes

LOTD: How to Tone Down Bold Lipstick for Everyday Wear

Not into the intense lip look? Try this.
With the right application, no lipstick shade on earth could look too intense. You can tone down any hue even if it's as dark as plum or bright as orange to the point where you'd absolutely wear it every day. According to

How to Wear Two of the Same Print in One Outfit

Have fun!
Wearing prints is always fun, but what about layering them by the dozens? The idea may not be knew, but these styling tricks sure are—below, watch as we bring you five fresh ways to start piling 'em on loud and proud.Produced and