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All the Ways to Tuck in Your Shirt, According to TikTok

Try out these non-basic ways to style your shirt!
T-shirts are definitely staples in our closets. As much as we love constantly wearing them, it could get repetitive (and boring) at times. Finding ways to switch up our outfits can be quite a challenge, so styling inspo and tips are something

8 Spotify Hacks Every User Should Know About

Get the most out of the music app.
If you're an avid music lover, chances are you use the Spotify app every single day. While you probably already have the basics down, it's definitely a big help to familiarize yourself with the app's extra functions. Get the most out of

Here’s How You Can Wear Fishnet Tights Like a Fashion Girl

Add some edge to your outfit!
Fishnet stockings are one of those accessories that you’d think twice about before purchasing. How can you wear them without looking like you’re part of a dance production, right? We know you end up telling yourself you can never pull them off

The Perfect Cat Eye Look According to Your Eye Shape

Ace that feline flick!
Girls know all too well that drawing the perfect cat eye is considered both a skill and talent. But getting both eyes even is just half the job, getting your winged liner to work well with your eye shape is another task

Wearing Headphones Is the Solution to Airport Hair

Get gorgeous hair while traveling!
A set of headphones is one of our travel essentials, especially during long flights. Apart from providing us with good music to keep us company while traveling, headphones also double as a subtle "do not disturb" sign. But with it comes headphone

3 Ways to Pull Off the Wet Hair Trend

Wet hair, don’t care!
The slick wet hair trend has been quite popular this season and it's the perfect excuse to hit that snooze button in the morning. You can finally step out of the house sans blowdrying and get away looking fab still. Here are

5 Items That Go Beyond The Call Of Duty

Who knew regular household items can be the key to a few fashion hacks?
Life hacks have been all over the World Wide Web—little nifty ways to get around usual life activities that can range from food, house chores, and more. This time around, we round up five unassuming household items that can actually be tools