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Here's How to Wear Lace on Lace Like Tricia Gosingtian

We're loving this sweet and dainty OOTD!
There’s nothing like romantic lace to add a dainty, feminine flair to your summer OOTDs. While it’s easy to rock a one-piece ruffled dress or pair your frilled top with casual denim bottoms, the real zinger is wearing two lacy garments in

H&M Will Be Using Local Piña Fabric for a Capsule Collection

Available April 11, all over the world!
Long has the fashion world been condemned for being a major contributor to the alarming amount of waste pollution plaguing the world. Fast fashion brands, in particular have been scrutinized time and again for the irresponsible disposal of the waste they produce

Everything We Want to Hoard from H&M's New Sportswear Collection

Get fit, save the earth.
Blending fashionable design with highly functional details, H&M is thrilled to announce that its latest activewear collection is also made with sustainable materials. Inspired by nature and strong women, the collection will be available in Philippine stores starting January 4!IMAGE Courtesy of