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Meet the Stylish New Cast of the "Gossip Girl" Reboot Series

Could the new Gossip Girl characters be as fashion-forward as the OG cast? We've put their TV outfits side by side to see which generation is the most stylish.
Last week, HBO Max just released the newest Gossip Girl Reboot! As this entails a new generation of the ever-stylish Upper East Siders, there are unmistakable parallels between them and the original characters we've grown to love.It’s no doubt that the 2007

It's Official: The Friends Reunion Drops This May

Could we BE any more excited?
We've waited nearly two decades for this—and it's sure to be worth it. The Friends reunion special drops on Thursday, May 27! Yup, this month. We're freaking out, too. The thing is though that the reunion streams "only" on HBO Max, said

A "Harry Potter" TV Series Is Reportedly in the Works at HBO Max

Rumor has it, the series is currently in "early development" stage.
Harry Potter fans, the magic’s not over yet. If things go well over at HBO, it looks like the global Wizarding franchise will be getting a live-action TV series. An exclusive source tells The Hollywood Reporter that executives At HBO Max and Warner

5 Things We Know So Far About the New "Sex and the City" Series

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis will each be paid a whopping one million dollars per episode!
It’s been 17 years since Sex and the City dominated cable TV. Six seasons, two movies, and a prequel have now come and gone but our favorite feisty New Yorkers are far from leaving us behind. Yep, the rumors are true—we’re getting

Stop Everything! Gossip Girl's New Cast Members Have Just Been Announced

Do we finally have a new Serena and Blair?
While we don't know the exact date when the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl will air, we've managed to stay updated when it comes to the latest updates. For one, Kristen Bell is returning as the narrator, and the original creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are also still