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Here's How (and Why) I Decided to Uproot My Life in Manila and Move to London

In this Preview exclusive, Bela Padilla pens a tell-all recounting how she followed her heart's desires to enjoy the slow life in London.
Whenever I’m asked why I’m in London, and why I chose this place to exist in for now, the answer that pops in my head and then quickly gets blurted out is simple and straight-forward. “I am half Filipina and half British,”

Dr. Vicki Belo Wants You to Stop Using Moisturizer

Here's why!
I am not a believer of moisturizers. There, I said it. I find moisturizers to be a band-aid solution that don’t really address the problem. Why, you ask? We’re going to get to that in a bit. But first, let me explain

What Causes Double Chin and What You Can Do About It

Dr. Vicki Belo gives us the lowdown.
No, you don’t only get double chin when you gain weight. Here are other reasons why even the skinniest people get that extra layer of fat under their chin.CAUSESGeneticsIf one of your parents has a double chin, chances are, you can have

Here's the Easiest Way to Achieve Soft Curls with an Iron

Let Aryanna show you!
When I’m in a rush and need to look put together in under 10 minutes, this is my go-to hair hack. I swear by this curling technique because it doesn’t require any hair-curling experience or skill at all, no joke! Step 1: Make

An Easy Mascara Hack for Longer, Fuller Lashes

You can use ANY mascara to achieve this look!
I never leave the house without wearing mascara. I feel like my look is incomplete without it. Personally, I find that it gives that added flare to my face and makes my eyes pop! Wearing mascara can instantly change the game and

Try Out This Summer Makeup Look for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Shine bright and stay glowy.
Highlighter has always been one of my favorite beauty products. From cream to liquid to powder formulas, I drool over the shimmer it brings to my face. I find myself highlighting all the high points of my face: my cheeks, the tip

How to Eat Your Way Through Pampanga

Check out this mouth-watering tour.
I love eating as much as I take pleasure in stuffing my eyes with the most enthralling scenery. This explains why one of the aspects of traveling that I always look forward to is discovering a place through its cuisine. For Bookie

8 Tips to Help You Travel Green and Save Money

Minimize that carbon footprint!
It’s close to impossible to stay immobile for the habitual explorer. Traveling has become a way to rejuvenate, open ourselves up to great unknowns, and in some cases, procure a picturesque Instagram feed. While there are countless upsides to traveling, we should

8 of the Clearest Bodies of Water in the Philippines

Welcome to paradise!
In pursuit of exploring the Philippines one island at a time, I have come across, and in many cases taken a dip in, countless bodies of water that have induced expletives in disbelief that such sights go beyond default desktop images. I

10 Hacks to Cutting Negative People Out of Your Life

Enough with the draining relationships.
Our closest friends and family mean the world to us. We were nurtured by these strong bonds of love and support when we were younger—but these exact relationships can become obstacles to genuine growth. How does this happen? Unconsciously, our closest family

How to Get Out of Your Career Rut

Find your purpose!
At any given point in an adult’s life, one would want to find fulfillment and purposefulness in life to know that what you have done and contributed to the world has made a difference.Let’s push the definition of one having a career... From:

10 Hacks to Surviving the Nasty Aftermath of a Breakup

Self-love is the name of the game.
It’s the love month and our feeds are filled with couple pics and saccharine love stories. If you are single or unhappy with your love life, you may think it would be good for you to shut them all out so as

How to Create the Ideal Workspace

According to your job!
Organizing your desk is one of the best ways to express yourself. Besides, if you’re staying in one space for a good chunk of the week, might as well make it work for you, right? Here are some ideas to make your workspace

How to Explore New York City on a Budget

Avoid overspending.
Going to New York has been a lifelong dream I never thought would actually happen—but did.  Last year, I spent two weeks in my favorite city: getting to know more about NYC, meeting my book publishers, exploring places on my travel bucket list,

What Notebook to Get for 2018, According to Your Personality

For those obsessive note-takers.
Let’s be real—there’s nothing quite like using a notebook and pen as you write down thoughts, ideas, tasks and basically anything under the sun. Whether it’s for work or for personal growth, keeping a notebook is the best investment you can get

10 IG Accounts That Will Inspire You to Live a Better Life

Your daily inspiration.
After discussing how to minimize stress in your life, this week we're tackling wellness. Follow these 10 Insta-accounts to get your daily inspo on health, spirituality, and empowerment:1. @mindbodygreenEasily my "Bible" when it comes to wellness because the feed is so holistic. It