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Here's How Much Travel Visas Cost for Filipinos

Better start saving now.
More and more countries are giving Filipino travelers the visa-free treatment. Sometimes, however, you still really want to see what Europe, Africa, and other places have to offer.We've already uncovered the cheapest European countries to fly to from Manila but before you make your way to

The 10 Cheapest European Countries to Fly to from Manila

What are you waiting for?
Air travel has come a long way. From being a luxury, it has turned into something more commercial and accessible. It's a big factor why Filipinos have become one of the top travelers in Asia. According to a report by Visa, growing

Here's the Real Reason Why Greece Is Painted All White and Blue

And no, it's not because of their white and blue flag.
A quick Google search of Greece will reward you with dozens of photos showcasing a picturesque skyline littered with white and blue everything, from walls, to houses, to restaurants, and so on and so forth. While it may seem that the country's

5 Reasons Why Greece Is the Perfect Place to Fall in Love

It’s the shoot location for the new JaDine teleserye!
Ask any girl for her dream destination and we have no doubt that Greece will top the list. For obvious reasons, this charming European country attracts plenty of tourists every year, making it one of the best choices for a romantic getaway—can’t