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Presidential Candidates Get a Stylish Makeover

With looks taken straight from the runway.
Wardrobe staples have become a trademark for each candidate that runs for public office. For Sen. Grace Poe it’s her white A-line shifts and crisp button-downs. For Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas it’s the same “Cory yellow” pique shirt which he

We Break Down the Looks at This Year's Presidential Debate

Looking sharp!
You are what you wear, right? Well, we tuned in to the first of three presidential debates and found some interesting connections with our candidates and their choice of wardrobe. Without further ado, we bring you the psychology of fashion in last night's

What's In Senator Grace Poe's Bag?

"Needless to say, my bag weighs a ton..."
It's not a stretch to say that Senator Grace Poe is a superwoman.After jumping the polls and becoming the nation's no. 1 senator, she has revolutionized jobs historically known to be headed by men. She's made it to the cover of Esquire