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Here's How Klea Pineda Deals with Nasty Comments

Staying positive is key.
As a young actress, Klea Pineda is always put under the microscopic view of society more than most girls. With her line of work, it's harder to cancel out the external voices that always seem to have comments on everything that she

This Fitness Guru Doesn't Care If You Call Her Macho

She's fit, strong, and healthy!
We're often stuck on the idea that being skinny is the only acceptable form of beauty. We discount the fact that we have different body builds that sometimes don't allow us to be conform to the ideal. We have to remember that

This Curvy Model Is Not Afraid to Call You Out on Your Mean Comments

No ifs, no buts.
"Ay, ang ganda mo 'no? Kaso ang taba mo.""Sayang mataba ka.""Ayaw mo magpapayat?"Katrina Gumabao has had enough of these passive-aggresive comments. The curvy model grew up with everyone around her dropping comments on her body cushioned by a small compliment. She tells us,