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Watch These Girls React to Mean Comments

Shrug it off, girl!
As the popular saying goes, “You can’t please everyone.” Cleary, Preview’s Girls of Summer know that people will always have something negative to say about them. And while they appreciate constructive criticisms, there are just certain remarks that sting more than the

Here's How Klea Pineda Deals with Nasty Comments

Staying positive is key.
As a young actress, Klea Pineda is always put under the microscopic view of society more than most girls. With her line of work, it's harder to cancel out the external voices that always seem to have comments on everything that she

This Fitness Guru Doesn't Care If You Call Her Macho

She's fit, strong, and healthy!
We're often stuck on the idea that being skinny is the only acceptable form of beauty. We discount the fact that we have different body builds that sometimes don't allow us to be conform to the ideal. We have to remember that

This Curvy Model Is Not Afraid to Call You Out on Your Mean Comments

No ifs, no buts.
"Ay, ang ganda mo 'no? Kaso ang taba mo.""Sayang mataba ka.""Ayaw mo magpapayat?"Katrina Gumabao has had enough of these passive-aggresive comments. The curvy model grew up with everyone around her dropping comments on her body cushioned by a small compliment. She tells us,

6 Ways to Style a Black Swimsuit, According to Body Type

Take your swimsuit beyond the beach!
Body image has long been a concern for everyone, especially for girls. If you're not a size zero or if you don't have long legs, chances are you are overlooked as you don't fit the ideal form of beauty. But don't you

Girls Of Summer: Sookie Villarosa-chiongban

Discover Mindoro through Sookie Villarosa-Chiongban!
Published in Preview Magazine's April 2006 issue.Where do you stay? Our native-style beach house in Bubog or at Porto Bambino in Mamburao. I've been going there since I was a child.What is it about Mindoro that you love? The wide-open spaces, fresh

Girls Of Summer: Allana Montelibano

We travel to Iloilo with Allana Montelibano!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.The recent installment of Girls of Summer features Allana Montelibano as she takes us around La Paz, Iloilo. She shares about different food spots (the best batchoy in the country can be found in La Paz!),

Girls Of Summer: Martina Quirino

Martina Quirino takes us on a Southern trip to Bacolod!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.The laidback vide and the fact that you can visit the beach or the mountains in minutes keeps Martina Quirino in love with Bacolod. This is where she spends most of her summers especially when she

Girls Of Summer: Monique Albert-lopez

Southern belle, Monique Albert-Lopez, shows us Negros Oriental.
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2006 issue.Southern belle, Monique Albert, takes us around her uncle's Spanish-Flipino designed estate called Casa Grande in Negros Oriental. Monique is at home with the sea and loves to dive in Apo Island to watch different kinds

Girls Of Summer: Audrey Zubiri

Audrey Zubiri takes us to Bukidnon!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.Audrey Zubiri, a real estate developer and wife to Miguel Zubiri, takes us around Villa Escondida, a house built by her father-in-law. She shares about videoke, best summer memories and a whole lot more about Bukidnon.Click

Girls Of Summer: Gela Laurel-stehmeier

Gela Laurel-Stehmeier takes us to Dumaguete, the city where she grew up!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.Makeup artist, soon-to-be mommy and the sister of a famous designer, Gela Laurel-Stehmeier, has been visiting the city of Dumaguete ever since she was born. She knows ever nook and crook, and would be able to suggest

Girls Of Summer: Laura Maclang

Latina beauty, Laura Maclang, takes us around Davao!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.Latina beauty and denist, Laura Maclang, gives us a virtual tour of Davao City. Laura who is half-Columbian and half-Puerto Rican, they relocated to Davao when her father worked in Dole Malagos Plantation. Something that most

Girls Of Summer: Kit Barraquias

Kit Barraquias takes you to the beautiful city of Dapitan and Dakak Resort!
Published in Preview Magazine's May 2007 issue.Our second installment of Girls of Summer features model, Kit Barraquias, as she takes us to the beautiful city of Dapitan in Zamboanga Del Norte.Dakak Resort, where Kit would stay, is a natural reservoir of plants

Girls Of Summer: Alessandra Tinio

Step into the sun, sea, and surf of La Union with this gal's travel tips.
Published in Preview Magazine's April 2006 issue.The summer is just around the corner, so close we can already hear the waves of the ocean calling!Now, let Alessandra Tinio, a writer, music promoter and DJ, take us back to La Union for a