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7 Celebrities with Chic, Youthful Hair Colors in Their 40s

It's never too late to experiment!
Like makeup and clothing, our hair color can also serve as a form of expression. And if you're in your 40s, experimenting with hair colors is one way to boost your confidence and help you feel your best. Need ideas for your next

5 Local Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Bashers for Age Shaming

These empowered ladies deserve an award for putting disrespectful trolls in their place.
Aging is often a touchy subject. And while it's nothing to be ashamed of—especially for those who are doing so gracefully—social media can be a scary place because pretty much anyone with internet access and the cloak of anonymity can leave a

6 Celebrities Who Prove That Short Hair Looks Best in Your 40s

Cutting your hair at this age might be your best decision yet!
Your 40s are one the most pivotal decades of your life, so why not ride the wave with great hair? It could be the ultimate confidence boost, and the perfect opportunity to finally try the hairstyle of your dreams. Getting a short

8 Women in Their 40s Reveal Their Most-Used Perfumes

Find your next signature scent among their chic picks.
We're all accompanied by scents throughout our life. And although our favorites can change over time, many women wear the same perfumes for a long time because it reminds them of their best memories. Some use their fragrance to celebrate the powerful

Geneva Cruz Wants Netizens to Stop Telling Her to "Cover Up" Her Body

"Just so you know, I. DON’T. CARE. WHAT. YOU. THINK. OF. ME."
It's no secret Geneva Cruz isn't one to shy away from her haters—especially those who comment on her posts or respond to her stories. Her epic responses to body-shaming and ageist remarks are pretty empowering. Unfortunately, her positivity does not appear to deter

Geneva Cruz's Sultry Beach OOTDs in Boracay Are Proof That Sexy Knows No Age

The 45-year-old singer-actress isn't afraid to bare her bod and we're all for it!
Singer and actress Geneva Cruz isn’t a stranger to baring her body—especially on the beach. Despite her previous Instagram photos receiving unsolicited comments about her appearance, she did not let this hold her back from living her best life! In fact, she

Geneva Cruz Shuts Down a Comment That Called Her the "Ugliest" Among Cruz Cousins

"Walang pangit sa pamilya ko. Walang pangit na tao. Sa ugali lang ang may pangit."
At this point, we've pretty much established that Geneva Cruz is the queen of internet troll takedowns. Her epic responses to body-shaming and ageist comments months ago still live in our minds rent-free. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to deter the trolls from

7 Local Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Body-Shamers Like a Boss

They stood their ground and made their voices heard amid all the negativity thrown at them.
Body-shaming is something that most—if not all—women have personally experienced. When we were younger, we might've come across a tita or classmate who made inappropriate remarks about our weight and body—"Ay, tumaba ka, no?" or "Grabe, ang payat payat mo naman." And

Geneva Cruz Had the Best Reply to a Basher Who Commented "Ang Itim ng Singit"

The singer-actress fired back at netizens for their tasteless comments on her swimsuit photo.
March is International Women's Month and it's a time to celebrate and lift each other up. Yet strangely, there are still those who find simple joys in bringing down other women. One such celebrity who can't seem to escape body-shaming remarks is

Geneva Cruz Claps Back at Netizen Who Said She's "Matanda Na"

"Wala na. Matanda na," the netizen commented on her swimsuit photo.
With the amount of negative comments they receive every day, celebrities have grown to have thick skin on social media. Some of them aren't afraid to clap back at the rudest ones either, and we're all for it.Case in point: Geneva Cruz's

The Thigh-high Club

Showing a lot of leg the right way!
It was a dose of runway to reality as the gorgeous thigh high slits from the Lanvin and Stella McCartney Spring-Summer 2011 shows made their way to the Coco Banana dance floor at Seventh High. The decade of disco was known for