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You Have to See Gabbi Garcia Reacting to Her Old Outfit Photos

Find out which OOTDs she regrets the most!
If you love fashion, then for sure you've already tried at least one or two ridiculous trends in the past. For Gabbi Garcia, she's had quite a few. So in this episode of Outfit Reactions, we scrolled through the actress' Instagram account

How to Cry on Screen According to Gabbi Garcia

The actress flexes her acting skills.
Gabbi Garcia is a serious actress...but she's also incredibly funny. "I'm always the bibo kid," she tells us. So for this short but sweet video, we asked Gabbi to give award-winning "cries" that prove that the 18-year-old actress can do just about anything—like

Gabbi Garcia Shows Us How to Style a White Shirt 5 Ways

The actress proves why it's the most versatile thing in your closet!
The plain white shirt may be the most basic piece in your closet, but it's also the most versatile. We asked actress Gabbi Garcia to put her cool and casual spin on the white tee and come up with five different looks.

Here's What Happened During Our Cover Shoot With Gabbi Garcia

She even asked posing advice from Ruru Madrid and Andre Paras!
"Sorry, guys! I'm super talkative," Gabbi Garcia tells us as we hand her a GoPro to film her own behind-the-scenes during her April cover shoot. But there's really nothing to apologize for—Gabbi is a natural on-and-off cam; she's armed with "x factor"