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7 Ways to Ace Your Boomerang OOTDs

We’ll show you how to do it!
In the age of modern technology and OOTDs, we constantly find ourselves wanting to stand out—that said, still photos just won’t cut it anymore. We want to capture the essence and the vigor of the moment, so we’re thankful for the invention

7 Reasons Why Guys Should Never Date a Fashion Girl

Consider yourselves warned.
Every single time I ask my guy friends what they like in a girl, they answer "simplicity" without even batting an eye. It’s like the universal response, perhaps an unspoken "bro code" or whatnot. But as someone with a profound appreciation for

Here's Why Being A Redhead Rocks

This fiery-haired Preview girl shares what makes her scalp tingle.
Sure, hair color is damaging. Sure, it’s expensive. And, sure, my roots are horrible before touch up (which, by the way, is as quick as two to three weeks), but I just keep coming back for more scalp-tingling color. So go on

Perfecting Your Brows

Raise a perfectly arched eyebrow after mastering our easy-to-follow GIF tutorial.
It’s undeniable that brows were big in 2013 but after viewing Spring/Summer’s offerings for 2014, it looks like they’re not going anywhere any time soon. A bold brow can do a million things for the face. Aside from feigning facial symmetry, fuller