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12 Simple Yet Clever Ways You Can Dress to Look Taller

Look statuesque with these easy styling tricks.
If you find yourself needing a little height boost without the help (and let's face it, the pain) of wearing heels, then you've come to the right place! Consider this your cheat sheet to adding inches to your height. Here are 12

20 Quotes on Fashion Every Girl Should Learn by Heart

Consider this your style bible.
Over the years, we've heard and learned many fashion tips from experts and fashion insiders. Below, we compiled the 20 best tips from Preview’s past pages every #ImAPreviewGirl should know."It's wiser to invest in one absolutely great clothing than 12 not-so-great things. After

Maine Mendoza's Genius Hack to Planning Picture-Perfect Travel OOTDs

Learn style tricks from this stylish jetsetter.
Despite being Eat Bulaga’s resident Barangay Girl, Maine Mendoza loves to dress up when it comes to traveling—as proven by the dozen OOTDs she takes whenever she’s out of the country. The millennial jetsetter and #PreviewBestDressed celebrity takes every opportunity to flaunt

Gabbi Garcia Shows Us How to Style a White Shirt 5 Ways

The actress proves why it's the most versatile thing in your closet!
The plain white shirt may be the most basic piece in your closet, but it's also the most versatile. We asked actress Gabbi Garcia to put her cool and casual spin on the white tee and come up with five different looks.

Solenn Heussaff Teaches Us How to Be a Hubadera

Like what to do in case of a nip slip!
In the subject of "hubadera" anything, no one comes to mind better than Solenn Heussaff. The actress is super comfy in her own skin and is not shy to show off her curves. This month, we ask her for tips to showing off

7 Tips on How to Wear Black This Summer

Who said black can't be worn in summer?
Contrary to popular belief, black is a wearable hue in the summer. You just need to know the right styling tricks to be able to pull it off. So get ready to abandon beliefs that ebony is not a happy color to

7 Technical Fashion Terms You Need to Learn This Season

Improve your styling vocabulary.
The summer season ushers in a whole new set of styles and ideas to try IRL. But before you try them all, you better know what your wardrobe is getting into first. Ready for a quick class? These technical terms below will

5 Ways to Dress Up Your Graphic Tees

Don't neglect this summer staple just because it became a little chilly.
Scared to let go of your summer staples for the colder months? Have no fear. With tropical weather like ours, it’s almost impossible to run out of reasons to wear breezy clothing. The graphic tee, in particular, always has room in your

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Style Without Splurging

No need to spend a fortune to reinvent yourself.
Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t need to be an heiress to love fashion. If one of your resolutions this year is to finally step up your wardrobe game, then we’re happy to tell you that there are ways to do so

A Petite Girl's Guide To Shopping

Say goodbye to #petiteproblems with these eight tips.
“Aww you’re so cute!” “You look like your 15!” If you’re petite, you’ve probably heard these lines a million times already. And while it gets annoying at times, ladies, you can always choose to take these comments as compliments. What truly gets

How To Weed Out Your Closet

As the saying goes, “out with the old, and in with the new.”
Oftentimes, the hoarders that live inside us fear letting go pieces inside our closets. This results to a monstrous pile of clothes that haven’t been used for ages. (That dress you wore to junior prom, it’s still sitting there.) And after all

A Girl's Guide To Caring For Denim

Great jeans are rare gems so best take care of yours.
Great jeans are hard to come by. Yes, there may be a ton of selections offered in the market, but finding a pair that fits like a glove and comes in the right wash is a rare occurrence.Like you, we care greatly

The Eco-conscious Way To Shop

Here's a quick guide to smart shopping.
Let’s face it, the word “sale” usually causes us to shell out cash on an item we probably wouldn’t notice if it were hanging on a mannequin with a regular price tag. Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned that items one

The Type Of Socks To Wear With Your Shoes

This is what happens when functionality meets fashion.
With the clouds crying like there’s no tomorrow recently, our main concern is keeping dry—our feet included. Because while an umbrella or raincoat can protect your head and body when there’s a sudden rainfall, there’s not much they can do if you’re

5 Items That Go Beyond The Call Of Duty

Who knew regular household items can be the key to a few fashion hacks?
Life hacks have been all over the World Wide Web—little nifty ways to get around usual life activities that can range from food, house chores, and more. This time around, we round up five unassuming household items that can actually be tools