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17 Pieces You'll Need for a Stylish Galentine's Day Celebration

Time to call your BFFs!
FYI, singlehood is not synonymous to sadness. Sometimes, it even means being able to call your girlfriends—be it for brunch, dinner, or a Dua Lipa-style sleepover. Here's a list of essentials you and your BFFs will need for the perfect Galentine's Day

20 Coats to Keep You Warm on Your Next Cold Vacation

Keep warm and cozy.
Heading somewhere cold for the holidays? Invest in stylish and quality outerwear that will help you conserve body heat while leaving you looking fashionable. In places where it's not wise (or logical) to show off your OOTDs, your coats should do the

15 Glitter Shoes for You to Shop Now

There is no such thing as too much sparkle.
One of the biggest trends that have emerged this year was the return of sparkly footwear. While the minimalist aesthetic is still around, 2017 is slowly giving way to maximalist fashion as the year turns. That calls for bold fashion statements via

15 Embellished Shoes to Spice Up Your Holiday OOTDs

Don't settle for a boring pair!
As the holiday season rolls in, you're probably already planning all your outfits. And with the numerous reunions and gatherings you can expect to attend in the coming months, a boring pair of shoes just won't do! Upgrade your footwear game with

10 Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Under P500

Give trinkets for every fashion girl in your squad!
It's that time of the year again! After completing your naughty and nice list, it's time ti start shopping for presents, stat. But you don't have to empty your bank account just to give gifts to everyone you love. Below are gift

15 Must-Have Ankle Boots to Elevate Your OOTDs This Season

Get ready to shop!
Boots are definitely one the season's mainstays, and we're not complaining. They're comfortable and can easily be taken from day to night. Our advice? Instead of pining over plain booties, be on the hunt for pairs with unique embellishments and details. Don't

12 Dainty Necklaces Every Minimalist Girl Will Love

You'll love these!
Jewelry is your outfit's final touch. Even if you're someone who can't be bothered with chunky accessories or is simply not fond of piling on statement pieces, there are minimalist necklaces that will perfectly complement your look. Wear a dainty necklace (or

10 Fresh Pieces You Need to Upgrade Your Closet With

Don't run the risk of looking passé.
Preview girls, it's about time we update and upgrade our closets!You may be holding onto wardrobe basics, but if they're outdated, then you should know that your whole outfit can run the risk of looking passé. Below, we round up 10 pieces

15 Stylish Pieces for the Girl Who Loves Black

Who said black is boring?
Black is a color well-loved by fashion girls for its simplicity and versatility. If you think you don't have enough ebony items in your closet yet, below are 15 things you definitely should add! These are perfect for both your laid-back and

10 Pretty Sneakers for the Practical Bride

Yes, you can wear kicks on your wedding day!
Weddings call for a formal celebration, but who says you need to limit yourself to wearing a pair of heels? If you're a bride who values comfort more than anything else, do know that walking down the aisle in your kicks is

Wearing Mismatched Shoes Is Now a Thing and Here's How to Do It

We've got easy tips for you right here!
It all started on the runway of Celine last spring. The French brand sent down models in footwear that are of different colors—on purpose! While we weren't sure if the trend would catch on, soon enough, more designers followed suit. Emilio Pucci,

10 Hawaiian Shirts You Can Wear All Year Round

Wear summer on your sleeve!
Hawaiian shirts. These loud and jolly button-downs have been a favorite of many dads everywhere, but they've come a long way as we've witnessed them being sent down the runways. So our advice? It's time to scour your dad's closet in pursuit

15 Lightweight Sweaters to Shop Now

Comfy and cozy!
Living in the tropics means we have to endure the heat all year round. But when the rainy season sets in, we find ourselves in a constant battle against the erratic weather. Moving from one extreme weather to the next is a

10 Items You Can Wear to Your Wedding for "Something Blue"

Something blue symbolizes purity, love, and fidelity.
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." You'd often hear this phrase when someone is about to get married. The tradition roots back to the Victorian era when brides were believed to earn good luck in marriage by collecting these

15 Cute Bags That Will Make You Excited for School

Start the school year right!
School is about to start and you know it calls for some back-to-school shopping! Remember that every outfit (including your uniform) needs a great arm candy. To help you, we rounded up the cutest bags that will surely spice up your school