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How to Style Your Summer Clothes for the New Season

This way for new styling tips.
September is here! And with the change of month comes a whole new wardrobe. We're not talking about going out and buying yourself some new clothes—although we can't say we disapprove—we're taking on the subject of re-styling your summer duds to make

How To Maintain Your Wardrobe Throughout The Year

This cheat sheet will have you pencil marking sale dates before they are even announced.
Unlike those who live in countries experiencing colder climates, having to switch up our wardrobes doesn’t come as hard for us here in the Philippines. You see, we pretty much get to stick to the same clothes all year round. But with

Look We Love: Dark Matter

Nighttime nail colors take the beauty spotlight this Fall.
With the onset of the chilly ‘ber months comes a shift in our beauty choices—moody shades replace summer brights and sweet dispositions suddenly take a more sensible turn. What better way to get into the Fall mindset than with a hint of