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QUIZ: Are You A Fashion Insider?

Can you match a fashion label with its corresponding ad campaign?
Do you know your Chanels from your Pradas? Name the campaigns below, and if you get 7/7 right—then you're definitely in-tune with the fashion scene.1. If you got...7/7 - Fashion Insider5/7 - Fashion Fan2/7 - Fashion Observer0/7 - What fashion?Answer sheet: 1.

Is This The End Of The Lob?

Mermaid hair is in season.
While the song up there has very little to do with hair, we assume the “X” in Rapunxel stands for X-ing out lobs and cropped dos on your list of hairstyles to try in favor of long mermaid locks for this summer.“It

Gretchen Barretto Should Buy This Collection Now

Jaz Cerezo didn't call it “Alta” for nothing.
Titas of Manila, listen up. If your life peg is La Greta, be sure to stock up on neoprene capes, cheeky tent dresses, and floor length kaftans from Jaz Cerezo’s Alta collection. The show opened with a black shift that really could have taken the whole collection

Ziggy Savella Returns To The Runway With Bedroom Chic

Take a senior skip day with these chic pajamas.
After years without showing on the catwalk, Ziggy Savella opened strong with a Koreanovela projected on the walls of Green Sun's ballroom, telling the story of a young boy and his chic polkadot jammies. Inspired by elderly traditions (and maybe even by the

This Rapper Inspired Rhett Eala's Fall 2015 Collection

The designer switched between ballgowns and harem pants.
Rhett Eala is proof that you’re never too old (or young) to appreciate hip hop. The designer (who is celebrating his 20th year in the biz) turns to Mr. Beyonce, Jay Z, for a little bit of inspiration for his latest collection.

Veejay Floresca Is Feeling Distressed

And it's not because of stress.
Veejay Floresca sent down the Fall/Winter 2015 runway ripped, raw, and ready pieces featuring exposed seams, tiered fabric, and unfinished edges-- literally quite Distressed (as his collection is aptly named). The New York-based designer made undone look pretty with frocks that were

Michael Leyva's Jumpsuits Are A Show Stopper

We choose pants over skirts on any given day.
One word: Jumpsuits. Given that Michael Leyva makes ah-maze dresses, he surpasses our expectations by sending down ridiculously clean onesies, embellished from waist down. Heavily embellished details in playful art deco patterns and elaborate cut outs accentuate his girls’ best assets with

The Future Shines Bright For Odelon Simpao

And it's more graphic than you think.
If Barbarella were to be remade today, we imagine her clad in graphic print dresses and gladiator heels. Odelon Simpao takes us back to the future with an army of girls in knee-length body-cons and fishtail high ponys. Catching up with the

Chris Diaz Takes The Preppy Kids Out For A Medieval Field Trip

It's a college party like no other.
Chris Diaz always has a good mashup and this time it was college baroque. Read: Diaphanous white dressing gowns with an Ivy League striped scarf on top and for the men, silk pants and a varsity cardigan with a patchwork letter "C." All

Charina Sarte Sexes Up Sportswear With Mesh And Leather

Watch out for the hottest chick on the squad.
Keeping the athletic chic trend going, Charina Sarte re-upped her signature party dresses with skater skirts, stocking-like mesh and skinny leather straps like licorice. She even sent her models out in sockings (and heels), though we would style it down with sneakers.

If You Want Something Wearable, Go To Anthony Ramirez

We just kinda wish he threw swimwear into the mix.
Manila designers are having a major neoprene moment. Playing with the technical material throughout, Anthony Ramirez showed knee length dresses with a peek of a pop color under a flounce or a fold. Everything was ultra wearable. The one thing I was

Renan Pacson Welcomes Us To The Circus

Though it's not the kind you might be expecting.
If you aren’t familiar with Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, you may find the film slightly disturbing with its provocative imagery of a Mexican horror circus. This was the subject of Renan Pacson’s latest collection as he tried to turn this

Jot Losa Cleanses The Palate With Whites And Greys

Here's proof that there is elegance in restraint.
Jot Losa doesn’t need a pink pouf to showcase his skills as a designer. For his latest collection, he played with layers and texture to give depth and dimension to timeless yet modern pieces. Bold A-line shapes and structured silhouettes in embossed

John Herrera Proves That Neoprene Is Here To Say

Rain or shine, it just won't go away.
Don’t you just love neoprene? It won’t make you sweat when the sun is out or let you freeze when it gets a little chilly. It’s as if it was designed for this country’s crazy unpredictable weather. This is probably why John

The Infinity Dress, Reinvented By Yay

Sixties silhouettes, reinvented and worn in various ways.
It's true that everything old becomes new again and this time we witnessed the '60s make a comeback as YAY (which stands for designer Yevgeniya Alexandrovna Yushkova’s initials) presented its latest collecion. Retro silhouettes were reinvented with show-stopping pieces that can be

Happy Andrada Rediscovers Her Roots

Here's something to wear to the next Buan ng Wika celebration.
Inspired by our rich cultural heritage, Happy Andrada aims to reinvent the idea of nationalism with her latest collection entitled Ninuno. Fusing materials such as weaves from the Benguet and T'boli tribe and Pina Abaca with contemporary neoprene, chiffon, power knit, what

Jerome Salaya-ang Takes A Trip To Wonderland

And down the rabbit hole we go.
Jerome Salaya-Ang has always been a fan of storytelling, with a narrative to accompany every collection he sends down the runway. For his debut collection at Manila Fashion Festival, Finding Absolom, he revisits Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. There was an abundance