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How the Philippines' Olympic Roster Is Shattering Gender Stereotypes in Sports

It could cancel the 'kababae mong tao' thinking that has permeated our culture and more, says a gender studies professor.
In a particularly patriarchal society, we've long been conditioned into boxing things into gender roles—this is for men, this is for women. Anyone who doesn't conform to these standards is seen as outlandish.It's a way of thinking that's long seeped into sports.For

LOTD: Jennifer Lawrence Shuts Down Controversy Over Her Versace Gown

"This is sexist, this is ridiculous, this is not feminism."
Jennifer Lawrence has never been afraid to give people a piece of her mind, and this latest development is no exception. While her male co-stars arrived at a photo call for the film Red Sparrow clad in scarves and coats, Jen opted

This Is What Most People Get Wrong about Feminism, Says Gal Gadot

It's about equality, first of all.
Turns out, Gal Gadot wearing a full face of drugstore makeup for the Golden Globes was no accident. That's because yesterday, she was officially named the face of the Revlon's new Live Boldly campaign, marking it as her first major project with a

These Pageant Contestants Called Out Crimes Against Women on Live TV

Their message is clear.
The recently-concluded Miss Peru 2018 pageant made headlines for sending a powerful message about gender violence on live television. During their individual introductions, the contestants broke a pageant tradition. After speaking their name and the region they represent, they opted not to give

#MeToo: The Movement Opening Social Media's Eyes to Sexual Assault

Let's end this culture of silence. What's your story?
Research by the Center for Women's Resources in 2014 states that someone is sexually assaulted every 53 minutes, and seven out of 10 victims of these crimes are children. In the same report, CWR reveals that reported cases of rape have increased

Mich Dulce Shows Us How to Respond When You Get Groped

Don't let him get away with it.
Designer Mich Dulce took to social media to report an incident of groping that happened when she was in Makati last night. Groping is an unwelcome and nonconsensual form of fondling or touching in a sexual manner, and be considered sexual assault.Mich

This is the Reason Why We All Need to Be Feminists

Finally, a feminist support group where you can discuss women's issues with like-minded women.
My story as feminist began with my love of music. I like to quote Kathleen Hanna a lot by saying “Riot grrrl was my gateway drug to feminism.” It was via bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Bratmobile, and Sleater-Kinney that I

Do Women Really Wear Makeup Just for Themselves?

Probably, but not entirely.
We should only wear makeup for ourselves. Men's and everyone else's opinions are irrelevant.From a self-empowering perspective, I understand why a lot of people have chosen to accept this. It's easy to identify with, provides a lot of self-reassurance, and it justifies

WATCH: Emma Watson Beatboxes for Feminism

"These are the lengths I go to for gender equality!"
Emma Watson showed off her hip-hop skills in a new video by beatboxing as Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda spouted a feminist freestyle rap.The former Harry Potter star and United Nations Women's Global Goodwill Ambassador interviewed the actor/composer as part of the organization's

Stylesetter: Emma Watson

This week, the Hollywood actress shows us how to dress like a beauty with brains.
Today, Emma Watson gave us more than one reason to fall in love with her more. Sporting a sleek coat dress from Christian Dior’s Cruise 2015 collection, she delivered a speech on feminism at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and formally