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Well, It Looks Like the Brow Trend Now Is...No Brows

We can't say we didn't see it coming.
In a world where "kilay is life," there will inevitably come a time where not. And that time, apparently, is now. Call it a phase, but we've all seen old trends—no matter how ridiculous—be resucitated before. The chokehold that the '90s

What Is a Personal Color and How Can You Find Yours?

Here's a quick guide to figuring out your best colors for you.
Ever wonder why that petal-pink lip tint your favorite influencer swears by just doesn’t look the same on you? The quick answer could be found in your personal color.Personal color is your own unique coloring that can give you an idea of

What Is the Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

Here's why this off-kilter bag will prove to be a great investment.
If you spend a lot of time on the fashion side of Instagram, you're sure to have come across the Jodie by Bottega Veneta, a cute woven bag set apart by its zany knotted handle. Along with its pastry-like sisters, The Casette

What Is the Bottega Veneta Pouch and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

Here's everything you need to know about this ubiquitous contemporary classic.
When you think of the term "It bag," you'd probably picture a taut top handle carrier, preferably with a visible brand marking, like a carved buckle or monogram. But that's not always the case. Sometimes an It bag can be wonderfully simple,

How to Tell Different Types of Jewelry and Where to Buy Them

In case you're still confused.
The first month of the year is always a good time to introduce new bling into your wardrobe. Consider it a motivational present to get yourself inspired for the months to come. There’s just something captivating about looking down on your hands

What Is the Fendi Peekaboo, Song Hye Kyo's Favorite Bag?

Here's everything you need to know about the brand's iconic bag.
Fendi was in the spotlight in 2021 for their epic collaborations and fierce, cosmopolitan designs. Notably, the Fendace collab brought to the forefront metallic slip dresses embellished with the distinctive F-monograms, and stylish gold chokers. It was the talk of the town,

This Is Where That "Outfit Check" TikTok Trend Really Came From

#BamaRushTok is finally in the Philippines.
In the middle of a workday last week, I found myself scrolling through Twitter as per usual (partly because I was looking for leads to write about, and also, well, never mind—who needs a valid reason for scrolling through the bird app

What Are NFTs and Why Are Celebrities Getting Into Them?

From Paris Hilton to Heart Evangelista, more and more celebrities are engaging in this purely internet-based market.
ICYMI, NFT is currently emerging as the hottest buzz topic in both art and finance. From OG influencer Paris Hilton selling a series of NFT images for more than $1 million, to our very own trendsetting, multi-hyphenate Heart Evangelista releasing an NFT remix of her painting, to lauded

Why Do Filipinos Still Love Collecting Planner Stickers?

Should you drink up and get one for yourself, too?
Megan, a work-from-home writer, is preparing to collect Starbucks stickers for her 2022 planner even if after nearly two years of COVID restrictions, there's not much on her calendar.Getting the coveted planners every year satisfies her twin cravings—good coffee and beautiful stationery.

All the Hacks You Should Know If You Want to Wear Less Makeup

Want to hit reset on your makeup routine? Start here.
When any beauty-related thing becomes too overwhelming, it's normal to want to take a step back. If you've always had an intricate, full coverage makeup routine, for one, craving a minimalist reset isn't out of the ordinary. Trying to wear less products

Differences Between Gen Z And Millennials, And Why They Matter

The two younger generations share a lot of similarities, but not with everything.
Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is composed of today's youth born from 1997 to 2012. Many of whom are now in high school and college, with current fresh grads being the first of the generation to officially join the workforce.While

These Skincare Tricks Will Give You Tighter, Less Visible Pores

Like a facelift for your pores!
It may be physically impossible to shrink your pores (thanks, genetics!), but you do have more than enough options to make them look smaller and "tighter" than they really are. And don't worry, most of them won't require you to put on

What Exactly Is an "e-Boy"?

You probably see the term floating around on Twitter and TikTok, but chances are you don't actually know what it means.
You’ve probably seen them around, preening, winking, and flexing patented leather-bike chain-pretty boy fits-cum-veins (and eyelids) over on TikTok (or on YouTube diss videos). You gasp and shiver.They, ladies and gentlemen, are e-Boys. They come in peace, bearing smoke rings, faux-face tattoos,

Here's the Difference Between Slow and Fast Fashion

Can wearing less clothes really save the world?
For many of us clothes-conscious-but-also-budget-conscious millennials (and Gen Z-ers), fast fashion items provide an easy out to keep up with ever-hastening trends. They’re quick to find, cheap, voluminous, and, yes, pretty darn good-looking. I mean, they’re no Phoebe Philo-era Celine pieces (shoutout

Here's Pixar's Exact Secret Formula to Making You Cry

It's broken down into a 22-step structure.
When sitting down to watch an animated film, the last thing you'd expect to happen is to break down into a sorry mess of tears. An assumption one should apparently never make when gearing up to watch a Pixar movie, seeing as

Here's the Real Reason Why Pearls Are So Expensive

How fascinating!
Did you know that the most expensive pearl ever sold costed 32 million dollars? We're talking about a teardrop-shaped pendant that had formerly donned the neck of Marie Antoinette, the ostentatious Queen of France during the French Revolution. But aside from having connections

Here's Why Wearing Pink is Considered Girly

Pink: It's not just for Wednesdays.
Did you know that back in the early 19th century it was the color blue that was associated to being feminine as it was believed to be delicate and dainty? A pipe dream for sure for some of us who were practically