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10 Malls with Parks Where You Can Take Your Next OOTD

Squeeze in a quick shoot while shopping!
There's nothing like nature to soothe the eyes. But in today's hectic world, making a trip to the mountains can be quite difficult. So what's the next best thing? Hit the malls with the best parks to enjoy the best of both

6 Restrooms with Perfect Selfie Lighting

Love yourself(ie).
Self-appreciation is sexy. While several reasons are accountable for why we dress the way we do, nothing trumps the confidence that exudes from dolling-up for ourselves and no one else. It starts with the token piece in our closets that screams redemption.

Our Favorite Mall DÉcors

We went around the city to find the shopping havens that are Christmas-ready.
When the year hits the month of November, it’s a given. Christmas jingles will be on loop of every shop’s playlist. The décors, though they don’t come out until after Halloween, always give us more reason to favor a mall over another.