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Metro Manila's Air Quality Has Been Better Lately, Says DENR

Breathing easier lately?
Turns out we can improve the air quality in Metro Manila. All it takes is for, well, everyone to stop using their cars.According to data collected by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), those viral

This Local Store Wants To Be Your Online Hub For All Things Sustainable

Shifting to live a sustainable life isn't done overnight, but Our Source will make it easy for you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Starting a sustainable lifestyle is no easy feat. A complete renunciation of one's way of life is needed, thwarting deeply-rooted ideals to make way for more eco-friendly habits. And if you're determined to fully committing to make the switch, online store Our Source

Here's Why Uniqlo Doesn't Want to Be Called Fast Fashion

The company has been involved in sustainability since day one.
Perhaps due to the fact that its parent company is called Fast Retailing, many associate Japanese retail brand Uniqlo to fast fashion. The story goes that when Mr. Tadashi Yanai, president and CEO of Fast Retailing, was just starting the brand, he wanted

This French Couple Is Helping Solve Manila's Plastic Problem

Their social enterprise recycles plastic waste and turns it into furniture.
Last year, a viral video showing plastic trash floating around the Secret Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan caused an uproar on social media.Filled with rage, Filipinos pointed fingers at each other in the comments section of the now taken-down Facebook post. Many

10 Stylish Reusable Tumblers to Help You Stay Hydrated

Fill these with your favorite drinks!
You probably already have a reusable straw to help cut down your plastic usage, but if you want to step up your zero waste game even more, make a reusable tumbler your next purchase. With one in tow, you'll no longer need

How the Zero-Waste Movement Became Cool

There are cool people who want to save the world. Let's join them.
In the not-so-distant past, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet (Google it, kids) that was about a superhero called upon by a bunch of teenagers wearing magic rings. Hokey, concept? Absolutely. But it was a progressive show even for its time.It

5 Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do Right Now

Fashion girls, it's time to cut down on that carbon footprint.
Despite what stereotypes dictate, being more eco-friendly is incredibly simple. A few tweaks to our everyday choices can make all the difference! And to prove just how simple it is, we gathered a list of fashion girl-centric deeds that can help save

Stella Mccartney To Work With Vivienne Westwood For Sustainable Fashion

The designer is taking steps to create fashion that is good for the environment.
Stella McCartney will help Vivienne Westwood create sustainable fashion.The designer has vowed to support her rival by working alongside the luxury fashion brand to create fashion that is good for the environment.She said: "I'm going to help you and I can't wait