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How to Photograph Food, According to Everywhere We Shoot

Always experiment.
"We always enjoy eating!" says Ryan and Garovs Vergara a.k.a. the creative photography duo behind Everywhere We Shoot. The couple who's had two photo exhibitions featuring their love for food and the grocery has mastered the art of photographing hamburgers, french fries, canned

Preview Best Dressed 2013: Ryan And Garovs Vergara

Get to know the couple behind Everywhere We Shoot.
The fashionable couple behind Everywhere We Shoot—Ryan and Garovs Vergara--share about when they met, how they shop, and how they rearranged their closet since they got married. Click here to view the complete coverage of the Preview Best Dressed Ball 2013.

Foods By Ews

Everywhere We Shoot partners with Pablo Fort for their first solo show.
Styling/photography duo (and cute newly married couple!) Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garrovillo of Everywhere We Shoot launched their first solo show in Pablo Fort.The show called FOODS was inspired by their grocery-crazed life as a married couple. They took images of food sans their