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You Can Now Get Strawberry Soju at This Local Convenience Store

Plus, they have a promo you do not want to miss.
For quite some time now, we have always relied on convenience stores for our soju needs. In most convenience stores, you can find different bottles of soju in different flavors, like the classic, blueberry, peach, grapefruit, or green grape-flavored soju. Strawberry soju was

5 Super Easy Soju Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Bottoms up!
If you've ever been to our local convenience stores and supermarkets and checked out the alcohol section, you most probably have spotted a bottle of soju. This Korean alcoholic beverage is a colorless distilled drink made from rice, wheat, or barley.You can

Pia Wurtzbach Opens Milk Tea Business With BFFs Pauleen Luna, Niña Almoro

It's called "Bestea."
Pia Wurtzbach has ventured into the milk tea business with her bffs-turned-business-partners Pauleen Luna and chef Niña Almoro. The Miss Universe 2015 titleholder shared the big news on Instagram, writing: "This is it guys! My besties and I have been working hard and really looking forward

Would You Try This Mixed Coca-Cola and Coffee Drink?

For when you want the taste of both in one go.
Sometimes, we all need a picker-upper to get us through those days when the hours go by much slower than usual. While there’s a sea of solutions to that occasional problem, here’s one from Ministop you won’t want to pass up: Coca-Cola

You Have to Try Starbucks' New Coffee-and-Ice-Cream Combos

Starbucks Reserve's menu now offers affogato.
Meaning "drowned" in Italian, an affogato is a classic coffee-based dessert that has a single scoop of vanilla ice cream soaked or drowned in espresso (hence the name). It's the perfect perk-me-up treat, especially in Manila's perpetually changing weather, so we're stoked that 

We Found a Quaint Wine Bar Hiding in the Heart of QC

Sabor Bar De Vinos has an extensive collection of 365 varieties, one for each day of the year
At the ground floor of the Novotel Manila Hotel in Araneta Center, there used to be an unused space that was right beside its all-day dining outlet called Food Exchange. For a time, the space was turned into a playground for guests

7 Iced Coffee Recipes to Whip Up This Summer

Your favorite barista's frappe can't match these.
For some odd reason, summer makes everyone insanely creative. We do everything in our power to stay comfy, fresh, and stylish in spite of the heat, and hack our way to keeping ourselves sane.One summer switch we're currently enjoying is pretty simple:

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

What's it going to be? Beer or whiskey?
It’s Friday night and you and crew are parked by the corner of the island bar at your go-to drinking spot. You hand your credit card over to Acee, the bartender, and tell him to keep the tab open. Without uttering a

Coco Rocha Is in Manila!

And it only took her a glass of scotch to "book it!"
What does it take to get a supermodel to come to our shores? Simple. A glass of scotch! Well, at least that’s the case for the Queen of Pose, Coco Rocha.Yesterday morning, the mother-of-one was spotted enjoying the Manila heat as she

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with This Yummy Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good drink?
Not everyone knows why the fifth of May is significant to Mexican culture—FYI, it’s the commemoration date of the Mexican army’s victory over French troops in the Battle of Puebla—but we all take it as an excuse to drink up, anyway. So

DIY Summer Cocktails

Cool down and get buzzed with these drinks you can make at home.
Everybody has time for a drink. And if you're too lazy to go to your favorite barman, here are cocktails you can totally make at the comfort of your own kitchen.FRUITELLABy AK Roxas of Dillingers 1903 and Prohibiton Liquor LoungeYOU’LL NEED:40ml Ketel

A Girl’s Guide to Cocktails and Scents

Make happy hour last all day long by paring these scents with your drink of choice.
A lot can be said about a person judging by the drink they order at the bar. A piña colada says you’re a tita that’s about to get turnt. A margarita gives off the impression that you’re a crowd pleaser. A beer

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Dinner and Drinks: BGC Hotspots

Time to round up the gang!
Heading out for a round of drinks after a long stressful week at the office? Round up the gang for dinner and drinks at these BGC hotspots:The filling station: Unit 27 Apartment Bar + CaféIcon Plaza, 26th St., BGCEase your way into

You Need a Password to Get Into This Bar

Order cocktails that are perfect for the #ImAPreviewGirl.
If you're planning to try something new with your girlfriends or your beau this weekend, we recommend a round of drinks at ABV (short for Alcohol by Volume). This speakeasy bar, owned by Lee Watson and Patrick Cuartero, is a cozy place for a bubbly night

2 Yummy Iced Tea Recipes To Help You Slim Down

Earl Grey Lemonade, and Kape Rice Iced. Yum!
Word on the street is Victoria Beckham keeps slim by sipping on pu’erh, an aged dark tea from China. But while the scientific jury’s still out on whether pu’erh's where it’s at - as all teas in general aid metabolism - credentialed tea master Renee Sebastian (fun

How To Dress For Parties Now

Still rocking body con? It's time to update your party look.
It was one of those nights out where I was caught standing in line at the bathroom of a loud club. As I patiently waited for my turn, I couldn’t help but notice what the other girls were wearing. Don’t get me

A Girl's Guide To Champagne Cocktails

Keep it classy with a little bubbly.
There’s no better way to greet the New Year than with a champagne shower that keeps everyone in a light and bubbly mood. And while serving it fresh from the bottle is fine, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up

3 Looks To Try For Your Weekend Affairs

Going on a date? We've got the perfect ensembles for you!
It’s Friday and we’re pretty sure you have an array of activities lined up for the weekend—dates with your cute boy, perhaps? Perfect! We put together a short list of where you can go for a date and even looks that you


What makes Dakasi not your regular milk tea.
As the summer temperature skyrockets each day, we beat the heat by chugging  down sweet refreshments. Amidst the pool of  milk tea stores popping around the metro, Dakasi catches a niche: the obsessive-compulsive (OC) milk tea addict. Dakasi's meticulous preparation covers the

Something's Brewing

Highlands Coffee opens its flagship store in the heart of Ortigas.
If you’re one who gets through the daily grind with a little help from the brew, read on as we’re putting a spotlight on the newest coffee shop to hit the metro. If you’re not, well, read on anyway, as this café